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Best Body Butters to tackle Winter Woes


Winter is probably the favourite time of the year for most of us, wearing those oversized hoodies, big boots, sipping on some hot chocolate and curling up in your blanket is some of the joy that comes with this season. But no matter how much we love the nippy winters, they come with their own set of adverse effects on one's skin. Taking a hot shower may seem like a good idea but it can actually dry your skin out by stripping the natural oils and making matters worse.

During this season, our skin does not secrete enough sebum (oil) due to low temperatures, which causes the hydration levels in the skin to fall causing it to itch and making it more dry and dehydrated. It may appear like there's no escape from the wrath of the cold season, but there are many simple ways to combat those winter skin woes. Following a simple winter skin care regimen will help keep your skin moist, supple and nourished all season long.

L'Occitane Shea Bergamot (from INR 600)
Along with the Classic Shea, this holiday L'Occitane features the fresh aromatic scent of Bergamot in a Limited-Edition Shea Collection. This nourishing shea butter evokes the aroma of a warm cup of Earl Grey tea, with invigorating citrus notes that delight the sense. The whipped formulations offer the ideal combination of hydration and lightness, that will enliven your shower ritual. Always lush and sumptuous, shea pairs comfortingly with this delicate scent, inspired by the warmth of this joyful season.

Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter (INR 399)
Body Cupid Citrus Love Body Butter restores skin's healthy hydration level and provides antioxidant protection too. A deeply nourishing blend enhanced by highly nourishing pure mandarin orange essential oil, cocoa and shea butter, and premium botanical oils rich in skin-friendly essential fats and vitamins, it gives your skin all the moisturization and protection it needs to look young, fresh, and firm day after day. Premium body butter that restores healthy hydration and gives antioxidant protection. Powered with Cocoa Butter, Mandarin Orange Essential Oil & Vitamin E. Recommended for aging and dry skin.

Ghrit Aarti Skin Salve by Global Beauty Secrets (INR 3700)
This luxurious and altruistic Ghrit Aarti skin salve holds true to symbols of aradhana. According to Ayurveda, Ghee enhances 'Ojas' or life energy. This rich silky emulsion melts into a rich buttery experience and is generously blessed with the sattvik ghee and jasmine- tuberose absolute to help you nourish your skin. It illuminates, rejuvenates and freshens up the face, thus lighting up an aarti (dissolving ratri or night) and revealing a divine glow.

Spa Ceylon Sleep Hydrating Butter
All Spa Ceylon products are Tridosha, suitable Indian gene, no matter what Dosha you traditionally fall into. Promising to promote tranquil relaxation and deep, restful sleep, SLEEP ingredients read like roll call in essential oil heaven - pure Lavender to relax and diminish stress, fragrant YingYang to calm and clarify, Patchouli for tranquillity and soothing, while Orange and Lemon to restore the balance of the senses. Follow a relaxing night bath up with SLEEP Hydrating Butter. Revel in the sensation of this silky substance melting into the skin soothing, comforting and promoting deep, restful sleep.One can enjoy the added benefit offered by Sweet almond and Marigold which is combined to improve overall skin health and wellbeing. Spray SLEEP Body and Pillow Spray, Calming Eye Mask as you drift away the combination of natural Witch Hazel and fresh organic Aloe Vera spray will cool, soothe and tone your skin and Discover the indulgence of a peaceful night's sleep.

Pixi By Petra Hydrating Milky Lotion (INR 2550)
This nourishing multi-use moisture lotion delivers long term and instant hydration to the face and body. Coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa seed extract help ensure optimum skin health with deep hydration.

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