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Online Skincare Consultation with Cheryl�s Cosmeceuticals


We don't know about you, but we're still a little vary of going out of our houses more often than needed. Now we all have skin issues that have been put on the backburner ever since the wretched pandemic spread its tentacles across the world. A visit to the dermatologist is perhaps the last thing on our to-do list too. That's when we were introduced to an online skin consultation session by Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals. A detailed consultation over a video call with Cheryl's skin expert that lasts about 15-20 minutes can turn your skin around without stepping out of your homes.

How does it work?
The first step to finding the right product for your skin is based on your skin needs. But sometimes it's a long-drawn process with a lot of hits and misses. And each person's skin needs something different. That's why customised consultations work best when it comes to skincare. Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals, India's pioneering professional skincare brand (owned by L'Oreal) is here to rescue your skin, which, perhaps, has taken the biggest toll during the past year.

Use this link to book yourself an appointment with a skincare expert and all you need is a smartphone that supports video calling and a strong internet connection. Answer her questions as the expert analyses your skin type based on your responses, by observing your skin through the video call and recommends whether to continue with your current skincare routine or modify it. Based on her analysis and observations, she'll recommend products and ship them over to your address so your journey towards healthier skin begins.

How was your experience?
Based on my skin's appearance and after asking about my skincare routine, the skincare expert concluded that my combination skin needed more sunscreen that I give it. A pro tip here to take home is the fact that even while indoors, our skin doesn't escape the sun's harmful UV rays. Hence, a good sunscreen lotion, such as the Derma Shade was recommended for my skin.

Being in your mid-30s is no mean feat, and even though I don't look it, my skin needs extra care. The skincare expert also advised me to use Cheryl's Cosmeceuticals' VitaLift cream twice a day to give my skin the nutrition it needs to defy any signs of age, and possibly even delay them.

The two products were shipped to my residence in less than a week from the day of consultation, and I must say I'm happy I did this.

The take home-
A thorough one-on-one consultation such as this one is necessary to educate yourself on the needs of your skin. Skincare is essential at all ages, and the idea of an online consultation by Cheryl's is to let people know that you can get this done over a phone screen, if you are not able to visit a salon and everything is recommended by skin care professionals and finding solutions to your everyday skin problems.

Megha Monga Anand

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