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Indian school in Dubai gives free access to CBSE textbooks


Dubai, April 25 2020 - An Indian High School in Dubai has given its students free access to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) textbooks and learning resources online for the entire duration of this term amid the coronavirus pandemic,it was reported.

The school has offered to provide 100 per cent free access to CBSE textbooks and learning resources in digital form at no additional cost to all our students for the entire duration of this term, the Khaleej Times quoted the Indian High School group of schools' CEO, Punit MK Vasu as saying on Thursday.

The term for Indian curriculum schools begins from end of March to June.

In a letter to parents, Vasu said: "This will provide significant financial relief as no costs will need to be incurred on the physical purchase of any CBSE textbooks for this entire term.

"Our students will also benefit from a digital learning app developed by an international publisher and students will have complete free access to exciting digital content including activities, assessments, videos and so much more."

The school will take a decision on the physical purchase of text books and the continuation of digital text books in September, depending on the prevailing health situation, explained Vasu.

He urged parents not to purchase any physical text books from third-party vendors until further notice.

"We are yet to confirm minor costs, if any, on e-text books for MoE related subjects such as Moral Education, Islamic Studies and Social Studies," he was quoted as saying in the Khaleej Times report, reiterating that the Indian High School is a not-for-profit school.

The school has also aided families directly hit by the crisis by providing "need-based admissions" to those in need.


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