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WhatsApp becomes medium of education for students amid lockdown


New Delhi, April 20 2020 - In a bid to ensure that studies do not suffer during the current lockdown, Delhi government school teachers have resorted to tutoring students remotely via WhatsApp.

Schools under the East, South and North Municipal Corporations have started online classes for children, under which study material is being shared by teachers via WhatsApp. MCD schools have children, mostly from poor families, studying in classes I to V.

Speaking to IANS, Ritika Arora, employed as a teacher at an MCD school said, "We get content related videos through our mentors, which we send to our children on WhatsApp. After watching it, they inform us through audio messages that they have understood the content."

If any student does not understand the topic, teachers make them understand it through an audio message, she said. "Then we forward them a worksheet based on that video. They do it and send us photographs. We patiently wait for all the replies as all students do not have phones at all times."

Ritika said that at the end of the day, she corrects their sheets, discusses the topics and sometimes makes a video call to add a personal touch and boost their confidence during these challenging times.

"They even want to work on Sunday. What else does a teacher want? Happy faces and beautiful minds. I really appreciate the idea of online classes through WhatsApp. Students are really doing well. If we can bring even an iota of change, then why shouldn't we?"

The educator, however, rued that one or two students at her school do not have smartphones at their disposal.

"In that case, we give them instructions on a phone call and if they are in Delhi, their parents collect worksheets from the school. At this moment, we cannot do much about it," Ritika added.


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