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Anil Kapoor: Strengthen your body during lockdown


Mumbai, April 25 2020 - Veteran actor Anil Kapoor on Saturday has shared a few fitness tips, revealing how has maintained a fit physique over the years -- that too without consumption of supplements.

"I made this post not to show off or talk myself up, but to pass on some simple advice on. When it comes to body building, nothing is beyond us. At different ages we can work differently to achieve great results. If you're asking if you need to spend a lot of money on supplements to achieve this, the answer is no. I have not taken any kind of supplements in this process," he wrote on Instagram.

The 63-year-old-star also shared that he has been working on his body for six years to achieve the best results. And now when the world is going through major health crisis, the actor urges people to pay proper attention to physical health.

"My trainer Marc and I have been talking about doing this kind of rebuild of my body for as many years as we have been together, which is 6 years! Time was always a stumbling block, or filming requirements, endorsements, social obligations or family time. Every year we would say we - this year for sure.

"Now in these very difficult circumstances, time is something we all seem to have a great deal of, so why not use this time to do the things you always promised yourself you would do. Strengthen your body, build muscle, build immunity, build flexibility. Respect your body. We might never have this much time available to us ever again," Kapoor added.


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