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Anushka Sharma: I've tried to have a distinct voice in cinema


Mumbai, June 30 2020 - Actress-producer Anushka Sharma says she has tried to be a disruptive storyteller with the projects she has bankrolled and added that in all her career she has tried to have a distinct voice in cinema.

"We have tried to be disruptive storytellers who would give audiences something new that they would have never seen before. It comes organically to both (brother and production house partner) Karnesh and me and I'm glad people are loving our edgy attempts aimed at breaking the content clutter in India," Anushka said.

The actress, who is currently riding on the positive response to her latest projects "Pataal Lok" and "Bulbbul", says the content she is producing is an extension of the kind of scripts she would make.

"All my career, I have tried to have a distinct voice in cinema through my choice of films and roles and the content I am producing with Karnesh at Clean Slate Filmz is only an extension to the kind of script choices I would make otherwise. We were sure that our production house would need to stand apart with projects that audiences would not find any earlier reference point."

She added: "We take pride in the content that we have produced so far because we have backed originality of ideas and we want to keep it this way. It's the only way we know we could operate."

Anushka's brother Karnesh says he is thankful to the audiences for loving their work.

"Anushka, I and the entire team of 'Bulbbul' and 'Pataal Lok' are delighted with the audience reactions to our projects. We always believed in the content we were creating to be different so it gives us a huge sense of accomplishment to see the feeling resonating with audiences too," he added.


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