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Gul Panag to narrate stories of courage of India's armed forces


Mumbai, April 16 - Actress Gul Panag will serve as a narrator of the podcast "Special Mission", which is a tribute to India's armed forces.

"As a daughter of an army officer, this theme is extremely close to my heart. Growing up, I have seen how unpredictable life can be for those who serve the nation, and I am so thrilled to narrate their stories of courage and valour on this new Spotify podcast," said Gul.

"I've known Sidin (the show's producer Sidin Vadukut) for years now, so when he reached out with this project, there was only one answer - yes! I grew up listening to these stories, and I think podcasts are a great medium to pass on the legacy of those heroes, capturing the challenge they overcome," she added.

She hopes people are inspired by these individuals to 'live fiercely, value life, and of course, honour those who sacrifice so much to keep us safe".

"Special Mission", an original podcast on the platform, will have episodes full of true yet unheard stories of valour.

The episodes will cover a diverse list of topics like international rescue missions, stories of regimental legends, music and even the animals that serve in the forces.

The one thing that connects all these stories is their broad emotional scope. These are stories not just of the soldiers themselves but also their families, friends and personal lives.


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