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Neeraj Kabi: Sushant's death is a wake-up call to struggling actors


Mumbai, June 19 2020 -Actor Neeraj Kabi, who shared screen space with Sushant Singh Rajput in Dibakar Banerjees "Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!", says a talent like the young actor committing suicide is a "wake up call" for every budding actor.

Neeraj used social media (Facebook) to put out a video from his personal account to address budding actors.

"I have known Sushant during the shooting of the film �Detective Byomkesh Bakshy! Although I did not get enough time to spend with him, but the best memory that I carry of his is a boy with so much grace and dignity of him and for others. He had an amazing passion for working hard to get something right as a performer."

Mentioning Sushant's smalltown background, Neeraj said: "He left a great mark in the world of entertainment as a performer. I really wish he was here because he had a bright future.

In a motivational talk, the veteran actor said: "My way to pay tribute to him, is to tell you (all the budding actors) that, wake up! Wake up to the fact that you've come here alone. Wake up to the fact that you have left your family, parents, friends, siblings� everyone in a different city, empty-handed. It is time to wake up to the fact that there is nobody to hold your hand and take you� whatever you achieve will be only because of you. Also remember, whatever you will be failed at, will also be because of you."

"There will be no chance for you to say that �I couldn't make it' because of the casting director, because they behave with me or the film industry itself. No! Blaming anybody will not take you far. But work on yourself. Build your physical and emotional strength. You need an enormous amount of patience to travel your path in this industry," Neeraj added.

"If you really want to give your life, give every drop of your blood and count of your breath to the craft of acting, to make yourself excellent. Keep your vision and purpose intact while working hard and sweating every single day. Keep walking, make yourself like a mountain. Remember, you are capable of achieving it," he said.

"Going to the gym is not hard work, going for the audition is not hard work. But working on your craft, training every day to become a better performer � is the hard work every actor has to be focused on.

"Also, walk the path with your friends, find your friend. Yes, there are negative and unfair incidence happens; it is true that there are people who are more privilege than you are but does not mean you cannot. There are so many people like us who came here empty-handed and make it here. Before us also there are so many people who managed to do an enormous amount of work and no, there were also not from the film industry, they became one."

"It is ok if you cannot make it. What matters is, how you are walking the journey. With the courage you are living through, the determination and faith that you have. Don't ever give up! No! don't give up. Yes, there will be many many instances that will make you feel like �this is it'. But no�no!

"One does not have to be only concerned about achieving anything! It is alright if your films are not doing good business, it is alright if you get a very small amount of work to do�wait for the right opportunity and keep working. What you dreamt of, will happen but for that, you have to stay on. If you give up halfway and blaming everything around you, it will never happen.

"Smile, with dignity, learn to tolerate the pain inside you. Build that pain and channelize them towards your performance. Make yourself worthy and become an example for the next generation. That is how each one of you can pay tribute to Sushant for the legacy that he left behind�pray for his family and never let him die inside you. Every time you think about giving up, think about Sushant�you are capable, just do not get misguided. Live like a tiger, do not get into a catfight," Neeraj signed off.


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