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Operation Blue Freedom celebrates power of differently-abled


New Delhi, May 5 2020 - C.L.A.W (Conquer. Land. Air. Water) has released an official video of a new interesting project titled Operation Blue Freedom.

The project is the outcome of a quest to freedom and empowerment of those with disabilities -- a motley �band of brothers' comprising ex-Special Forces soldiers and people with disabilities, who set out on an expedition to create the 'Triple Elemental World Records' across land, sea and air.

As they journeyed, they started realising what it truly means to be free.

"Operation Blue Freedom � Genesis" chronicles the first part of this journey. It is a statement of hope, inspiration, resilience and change.

In 2019, Team C.L.A.W first launched Operation Blue Freedom, a movement to express the spirit and ability of people with disabilities. The effort is meant to change the perception of society towards who they are and what they are capable of, to secure their right to dignity, and to exercise their ability to contribute value and inspire freedom.

For more than a year, the Operation Blue Freedom Team has travelled across the length of India and trained more than a 100 people paralysed by spinal cord injuries in Scuba diving. The journey culminated with the team taking a select group of their students for their first dive in the open sea. People on wheelchairs are bound by the chains of gravity on land. In water, they are free.

The team is now preparing for Triple World Records -- across the three elements of land, sea and air -- by people with disabilities.

Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju had inaugurated the launch of 'Operation Blue Freedom' and is actively supporting the 'CLAW Triple World Record (India)'.


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