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Sayani Gupta on 'Axone': Choices I took were very risky


Mumbai, June 24 2020 - Actress Sayani Gupta says for the first time in her career she was extremely nervous about what people from the Northeast would say, when she signed her latest release, "Axone".

A bittersweet comedy, the film is a satire that follows a bunch of northeastern youngsters in Delhi who, while attempting to organise a wedding party, find everything going wrong.

Sayani's portrayal of a 23-year-old Nepali girl from Manipur in the film has been appreciated by the critics and the audience.

"The response has been seriously overwhelming. I am very happy that everyone has showered so much love and appreciation to the film also because it's a small indie film. Not sounding pompous, but I am generally pretty detached to my projects after I am done shooting for them because you know what you have done. But for the first time, I was extremely nervous and anxious about what people from the northeast would say about 'Axone' and whether I was authentic or not," the actress said.

"The choices I took were very risky and I didn't want to play it safe. Hence, the chances of it not working was also high. But the unbelievable response that one has received from literally thousands of messages coming in, appreciating the work and the film have been very validating. I am very grateful for each one of them for reaching out and telling me, what the film has done. Also, I am glad that a new set of audience has seen my work and tons of people have been messaging saying now they will watch my other work as well. There was a celebration around the film which is so heartening to witness! And I am also glad that critics have also given the film a lot of love," she added.

The film helmed by Nicholas Kharkongor is currently streaming on Netflix.


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