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Panta bhaat', drumsticks may help boost immunity


New Delhi, April 22 2020 - As a strong immune system plays a key role in keeping us disease-free, especially during these times when the coronavirus pandemic is spreading fast, experts at healthtech company Reverse Factor has compiled a list of food that includes "panta bhaat" and drumsticks, among others to boost your immunity.

If the name "panta bhaat" sounds a bit unfamiliar, this could be because this easy recipe is known by different names in different regions of the country.

It is a natural probiotic which is excellent for a healthy gut, according to Reverse Factor.

And it is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is soak some plain steamed rice in water overnight and eat it next morning along with water.

Besides boosting your immunity, "panta bhaat" helps in curing gastro issues and regulates good bowel movement, according to Reverse Factor.

Other foods that can strengthen immunity include drumsticks, coconut water with lemon, pumpkin seeds and red capsicum, said the experts.

However, besides eating the right food, one should also follow healthy lifestyle habits.

One needs to avoid stress, do pranayam, take proper rest and maintain hygiene, the experts said.

Moreover, certain eating habits may also contribute to holistic wellness. These include eating cooked food, eating fruits in empty stomach, having one small bowl of cucumber and carrot before lunch, drinking at least two litres of water daily, and avoiding junk food.


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