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Simple Vastu Tips to cleanse negativity


Apr 16 2020 -The ongoing pandemic has brought the world to a massive slow down. With over 3,000 confirmed cases and counting, India is already bracing up for an unprecedented health crisis.

With just the essential services running that too partially, many people have been stuck in their homes or even in unknown places and are unable to take care of themselves or their surroundings properly.

There are many migrant professionals away from their homes, in cities, who now have absolutely no social lives. All this could take a toll on ones' mental and physical health. With the amplified negativity in such scenarios, while we individually try to keep morale high, we could use a leaf or two from our Indic sciences to eradicate stagnant negative energies from our environment.

Dr Raviraj Ahirrao, Co-Founder, Vastu Raviraj shares some simple Vastu tips to ward of negative energy from your mind and your environment:

� The most important and simple thing that needs to be done is to clean your home and de-clutter surroundings as much as possible. . Removal of clutter generates positive energy which in turn makes the mind positive and charged.
� Dust, dirt, unwanted items that are not used that create an atmosphere of stagnation and do not allow positive energy to enter our homes. Cleaning the house and its perimeters is also important so that there is no accumulation of the virus (which stays on surface) and other such germs and microbes
� With so much of disease and sickness around if someone has a patient in their home, the patient and their medicines should be kept in the North of the North-East region
� The abode of God or Prayer room should strictly be in the North to East zone.
� Burning camphor in different parts of the house will lead to neutralizing negative energies. The smell of burning camphor is also good which gives a very nice and auspicious vibration to the environment
� Colours play a very vital role in our mental wellbeing. The colour blue should be used in the North and North-East region of the house and green colour in the East region. This will help one to attain positive effect of inflow of wealth, will improve health and ensure clarity of thoughts to bring in creativity and innovations in business and every other aspect of life.
� Meditation for minimum 15 minutes twice a day will make the mind stable and calm and will help to get rid of unwanted tension or anxiety from emotional disturbances.
� Coronavirus mainly enters through the nostrils and attacks the respiratory system. A special method of breathing (as practiced in Yoga) can be beneficial. Here we deliberately hinder the passage of air through our left nostril and only breathe through the right for some time. This helps in increasing the body temperature a bit and can protect the body from catching common cold, which can make us vulnerable to such attacks

It's a testing time for all of us and we need to come out as winners. For that to happen, it is vital to keep our mind and body strong. Following the Vastu tips will allow positive energies to enter our body and homes can help greatly.


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