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Spotlight on Iron deficiency in women


New Delhi, June 25 2020 - Juggling between their many roles, women do not realise how and when symptoms of iron deficiency become part of their daily existence.

More than 50 per cent of women in India in age group of 15-49 years are estimated to be anemic. A new campaign by Livogen, #RahoStrongIronStrong, aims to raise awareness around it. It aims to equip women to identify the key symptoms of iron deficiency which many tend to overlook as they seem a consequence of their daily stressful lives. These symptoms can include paleness of skin, brittle nails or hair fall, fatigue and difficulty in concentrating, all of which can impact a woman's health, confidence and productivity.

Indian Olympic boxer Mary Kom, who is being spreading awareness around the issue, said, "For any individual and especially for a sportsperson, both body and mind need to be fit and alert at all times. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue and disrupt focus. It is important to know the signs, and if you have the deficiency, to take steps to overcome it, so you can play the game and try to stay in the zone of peak performance."

The campaign tells stories of regular women and how overcoming such nutritional deficiencies helped them stay fit and meet the demands of their daily busy schedule. Livogen tonic - a nutritional supplement is designed to help women recognise the early symptoms of iron deficiency and take appropriate steps to overcome them.


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