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Tips to manage the seasonal flu at home


New Delhi, July 9 2020 - The monsoon has begun, and while it brings relief from summer heat it also brings perils of humidity. With the rain showers comes the risk of being exposed to viruses, necessitating measures to manage the six most important seasonal flu symptoms-- breathing difficulty, body ache, cough, blocked nose, headache and muscular stiffness early on.

Dr. Kunal Manek, Ayurveda Consultant, and Panchakarma Physician shares a few tips on how you can build your immunity and respiratory health at home.

Consume Haldi Milk

Haldi or turmeric as we all know is one of the most powerful spices hidden in your kitchen. A staple in Indian cooking, it is also a go-to fix for an array of health issues. For centuries Ayurvedic medicine has been using Curcumin, the active component in turmeric for its antioxidant properties. This is why consuming a warm glass of turmeric milk is advised. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agents present in turmeric help strengthen our immune system from the inside

Practice Steam Inhalation

Steam therapy is one of the widely used home remedies to build better respiratory health by soothing common cough and cold that our body often catches during this seasonal transition. You can make this more effective by adding ayurvedic ingredients like Pudina (Mint) leaves and Ajwain (Caraway seeds) that helps in aiding dry cough and sore throat. You can also add one to two teaspoons of a medicated rub in a bowl of hot water (not boiling), which contains Pudina, Ajwain, Kapoor & Nilgiri for faster relief of cough and cold symptoms. These rubs are easily available at any chemist shop/at nearby chemist shop and are safe to use for adults and kids aged six years and above. It is advisable that one reads the label before using and if symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A nutrient-rich balanced diet rich is an essential and more so during the flu season as it is an important way to help your body fight symptoms. One need to strengthen immunity through immunity boosting foods and supplements. Boost your body with vitamins, minerals and fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains whichsupport your immune system and make it stronger.

Stay Active

A sedentary lifestyle weakens your immune system making it prone to illnesses. Therefore, take out time for some physical exercise to improve your overall health, but also relax your muscles and mind. Yoga is a great way to give your body the energy. A few asanas or just the Surya Namaskar in the morning will strengthen your core, make your body strong and more importantly, improve your respiratory health

The Ministry of AYUSH had recently issued self-care guidelines for preventive health measures and boosting immunity with special reference to respiratory health. The guidelines included doing regular steam inhalations with fresh Pudina (Mint) leaves or Ajwain (Caraway seeds) once in a day to help in decongestion, consuming Haldi milk, which contains an antioxidant, and practicing Yoga to maintain overall health.


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