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Best Educational Toy Brands that are facilitating learning while schools continue to remain shut

Best Educational Toy Brands that are facilitating learning while schools continue to remain shut

Learning and the development of key skills and stimulation for children comes from a variety of sources. While older kids are getting their daily quota of school time through online medium, younger kids in most schools are left to fend for themselves. Screen time, they say is best monitored, but in the process, and thanks to COVID, tiny tots are losing out on more than just "school time". It's now that playing with educational toys comes into the picture. Screen time turns into learning time, and it's the best time to make it all play an important role in their overall learning and development through the most innovative experience.
Being parents ourselves helps us in knowing what's best for kids of all ages. From preschoolers to early graders, all kids can benefit from our list of educational toys. And mummas, we'll accept the thank yous later when your child finally leaves you with a little time to breathe, while they learn...

1. PlayShifu
PlayShifu is an Indian AR toy company offering a variety of immersive, educational toys that connect the physical and digital worlds - both very important in the young years. The play experiences are specially designed for kids ages 2 to 12 years so that they can learn as they explore the world through a seamless transition between the physical and the digital. It's fun, it's educational, and it's smart. Living in a word driven by computers, it's an early introduction for the kids into the highly explorative world of AR-based STEM learning.
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2. Shumee
Shumee is a sustainable toy brand passionate about bringing back the joy of play. They design simple, engaging, open ended wooden toys, games, and activity boxes for ages 0 to 6.
At Shumee, their main belief is that play is 90% child and 10% toy, which basically means that the child handling the toy is learning while handling it. By philosophy, their toys do not overpower or guide the child in any way, instead, the child using these toys is the one driving the play experience and the subsequent learning and polishing of motor and other skills.
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3. Play Skipy
Handing over a tablet to your child is never an easy decision. Especially if you're the kind of parent that wants to ensure that play time isn't devoid of learning in some form or the other. Play Skipy creates learning experiences for children by using their foundational skills of drawing and by giving them the sensory feeling of drawing on a paper along with rich digital content into a single experience that is fun, entertaining and informative, so handing over that tablet wouldn't be a big decision, for once!
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4. Smartivity
Smartivity is a global brand of cool, innovative and world -class construction toys and technology-enabled, experiential, blended learning activities for 3-14 years old. The main of belief of the brand is 'ownership' i.e. Instead of unboxing a toy, playing with it and then dumping it, they believe in ownership that comes with making something with your hands. Help shape your Bob-The-Builders in-house!
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Megha Monga Anand

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