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Block your weekend for an upcoming Luxury Shopping Festival

Block your weekend for an upcoming Luxury Shopping Festival

If there's one that's taken a hit during COVID times, it's retail therapy. The joyous visit to the mall, or even some of those impulse drop-ins for window shopping and more are being sorely missed. But thanks to Reliance Brands, there's a unique luxury shopping festival landing on your digital screens this weekend. Reliance Brands Ltd. is set to bring conversations on luxury, fashion and re-igniting the spark in people (like us) to shop again.

A series of digital events is what you can look forward to, this weekend and the next, video conferencing will be your tool to engage in some stimulating dialogue with stalwarts of the fashion, retail and luxury industry. This weekend, between August 14 through to August 16, charge your laptops, take out those dusty credit cards and block your evenings for some serious retail therapy. And if dialogues in fashion and luxury are your thing too, get set to engage in a virtual walkthrough with select brand heads taking attendees through brand history and collections, and provide assistance in making purchases.

Everything from intelligent conversations with celebrities like John Abraham; to the global CEO of Diesel, Massimo Piombini; DIY cocktails with Ashish Dev Kapur; a table styling workshop with Maitri Shah - it's got all it takes for the making of a successful and fun-filled fashion festival. Education, golf, art, celebrity makeup and second homes are also the topics that'll make your Independence day weekend worthwhile.

Information and schedule, along with details on how to register and join are available on The End of Season Sale is certainly a bonus, with cashbacks from partner banks, F&B vouchers, club memberships and more are there to sweeten the deal!

Mega Monga Ahmed

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