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College students to get full attendance for lockdown period

College students to get full attendance for lockdown period

New Delhi, April 29 2020 - The new academic session of universities across the country will start in September, a delay of 2 months due to the lockdown. The colleges will remain closed till then but the attendance for all students will be marked 100 per cent for this period.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) had constituted a special committee for when and how to start a new session in universities. This seven-member committee constituted by the UGC has submitted its report on exam-related issues and academic calendar.

In its report submitted to the UGC the committee said, "During the lockdown, the attendance of all the students was to be recorded."

Significantly, the recommendation made by the committee can be approved by the UGC next week. The attendance of students is being recorded so that all the students can appear in the final examinations.

The committee appointed by the UGC said in its recommendation "All colleges across the country should function 6 days a week. Depending on the situation, the new session for higher education in the country should be held from September instead of July." The committee is in favour of continuing colleges on Saturdays as well.

The committee, in another recommendation, said "While the new academic session for first-year students starts from September 1, for second- and third-year students this academic session can be started from August 1".

The committee said in its recommendations that "Viva be taken between May 16 and 30. Both internal assessment and Viva will be taken online."


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