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Energy-efficient smart home solutions for the festive season

Energy-efficient smart home solutions for the festive season

Diwali is done and over with but the festive season isn�t over yet. With this year�s Christmas and New Year�s celebrations expected to be subdued due to the ongoing pandemic, this should not stop us from celebrating the end of the year with any less vigour. With the pandemic having instilled financial savings in most of us, it has also led to a spike in demand for smart appliances that help conserve energy and save costs. Further, one can access these devices through voice commands, tablets, mobile phones etc. making them convenient and offering comfort at the same time. With this perspective, we have put together a list of 5 essentials that can help you in having a secure and happy Festive Season!

1. Laser�s Robot vacuum cleaner
�Diwali Cleanse� has happened, and most of your house is already de-cluttered. Cleaning your home can be quite a chore, especially for people who have adopted work from home. Laser�s Robot vacuum cleaner is the ideal partner for your house this festive season. This is a smart product that can be used via voice controls and customized according to your cleaning patterns. It brilliantly saves the map of your home and finds the best cleaning path. Further, if you have carpets laid on, it automatically switches to max mode with a suction power of 2000Pa for deep cleaning. Like other devices, you need not have to keep a check on the battery as it recharges automatically when the battery runs low. You can enjoy your Christmas loading on the calories from plum cakes, wine and marzipan cookies, as your little robot helper does all the cleaning.

2. Syska Smart Rainbow Strip Light
Decking your home up with sparkling lights is an integral part of the year-end festivities. December should be accentuated with pomp and brightness, even if the manner of celebrations have significantly changed. If you are hunting for the latest innovative lights, look no further as we have the most attractive LED lights, called the Syska Smart Rainbow Strip Lights. These lights are offered under the smart lighting solution as they can be connected using Wi-Fi, and you can establish your desired festive lighting through your smartphone, tablet, and voice commands using Amazon�s Alexa and Google Assistant, or with the assistant of the Syska Smart Home App. The Syska Smart Strip Lights 12W and 25W models are priced at _3,999 and _4,499 respectively and are available at leading retail stores and also at attractive discounts on Reliance Digital and Syska�s online store.

3. Goldmedal Electricals Crimson LED strip lights
Lights bring sparkle to your home and help usher in the festive spirit. This year, give your home a stylish touch with the help of Goldmedal Electricals Crimson lights. Spruce up your home with these shimmering lights consisting of six colour variants. These lights offer splendid lighting while consuming less energy and generating less heat. The Goldmedal Electricals Crimson LED strip lights are available in 5 meter packs at select retail outlets for a starting price of _580 per unit respectively.

4. ADDMAX Extension Cord with USB Port
Decorating your home, along with remote working can get complex as you will require managing multiple connections. In order to meet the requirements of all the electrical equipment along with enhancing your convenience, we have found the perfect product to help you do just that. The ADDMAX Extension Cord will help streamline your everyday routine for a more efficient household. This cord secures complete protection to your devices from electrical short circuits, overheat, overcharging, etc. It includes four three Pin outlets, two two-pin outlets, two USB ports, 1.8 meter extension cord can reach most applications, and is fireproof.

5. Polk Audio Polk Assist
The power of music is a unique medium that aids in ushering in the festive vibe, and the Polk Audio Polk Assist is the best product for this purpose. Polk Assist can be controlled through voice commands. It also includes the Chromecast feature that enables you to stream your favourite music from compatible apps. The fabric used in this Polk Assist speaker is stain-resistant to ensure that it is easy to clean. The product is available on Flipkart for a striking price of _9999 per unit respectively.

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