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Find your sole mate! - Best Running Shoes of the Season

Find your sole mate! - Best Running Shoes of the Season

So here's some quick tips while out looking for the perfect shoe. Opt for thick soles if you're buying trainers that you're going to be wearing for sport, jogging or long walks. The more you use them, the quicker the soles will wear away.
There's been a big movement recently towards eco-friendly footwear. Trainers such as the Adidas UltraBoost Parleys are made using recycled plastics, so indulge in a pair that helps you save the planet while looking good. Another quick tip: You might think you know your foot size, but feet change even in adulthood. If you're buying running shoes you should also get a gait analysis - a good shop will do this for you.
If you don't fancy running into someone with the same sneakers, grab a limited-edition pair and stay unique. Sites such as are great for keeping tabs on the latest reveals.
Here's a list of our top picks that add a spring to your step.

Nike Pegasus 37
Not only high in performance, the Nike Pegasus is built for a runner to have an intimate relationship with the show. Well built and snug, the Pegasus provides maximum comfort on the forefoot, which needs the most cushioning while running. Rebound from the ground is smooth and easy and the Nike Zoom Air technology of the React sole in the midsole takes the cake as far as responsiveness goes. A lightweight and stable shoe, if you're a runner, you'll fall in love with the silhouette as much as the comfort it offers.

Reebok Floatride Energy 2.0
If you're the type who takes forever to decide when to run, this exciting colourway should provide enough motivation to take the first step towards your fitness goals. Designed for running and adding comfort to your runs, the lightweight and breathable upper mesh on these is what adds the extra zing in your step. Responsive cushioning, thanks to the Floatride Energy Foam makes the task easier by making the run smooth and flexible, making you, quite literally, float through your ride.

Known for their steadfast performance, ASICS shoes hardly ever fail the wearer. The NOVABLAST too is meant to deliver an energetic ride for people looking to add some element of fun to their runs. NOVABLAST boasts of the Blast Midsole, which has been designed for more than just supporting a runner during their run, and the bold, eye-catching design is for the young runner who wants to make a statement while at it deriving inspiration from a trampoline, the shoe adds a spring to the runner's stride. The responsive underfoot and lightweight body suit every terrain with ease. Designed to look aesthetic, the upper fabric mesh allows for cooler airflow, the midsole is soft and comfortable, and the abrasion-resistant rubber sole promises improved durability and better traction.

Under Armour HOVR Machina
Often runners only have two choices - opt for a high cushion shoe for longer distance races, or a lightweight shoe for faster running. Under Armour found a middle ground for every runner's woe, and with the UA HOVR Machina, it has ensured that runners don't have to sacrifice balance or comfort. Striking this perfect balance, and equipping the HOVR Machina with the smarts, runners can track and analyse their runs. Digital integration in the running shoe is perfect for those looking for deeper insights into their form, keeping it light and responsive at all angles and speeds of running. The 2-pronged carbon-filled Pebax spring plate helps runners get up on their toes to keep their turnover quick and their transition snappy - something that comes in handy while running or preparing for a marathon.

Megha Monga Anand

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