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Four Ways to Let Off Steam - Maximum Gratification Guaranteed!

Four Ways to Let Off Steam - Maximum Gratification Guaranteed!

We don't know about you. But there's a decent percentage of adventure-loving women around us. Give them a weekend in the mountains over a night of mad partying and they'd choose hiking without even blinking twice. What most of them could use every other weekend is a small windfall that can afford these small indulgences, coz let's be real, you gotta pay a small price for everything. Here's our list of adventure-filled activities that can keep that adrenaline rush going for the remaining months of 2020.

Swap your luxury sedan for a 4x4 vehicle for a few hours and feel the blood rush to your head, and muck on other parts of you, in return of an experience unmatched by any other. And thankfully, we live in times where multiple options are available even for the smallest things. Off Beat Adventure Drives, for example, is the road tripper's dream come true. While the rain gods shower their love upon us, take a break. Drive about 3 hours away from Mumbai and literally take the beaten path at the Mahindra Adventure's off-road Training Academy for three hours of ultimate thrill. The academy is open throughout the year, but monsoons are the best months to experience the adventure in its entirety. Though this is the only academy that offers training for enthusiasts, owners of Land Rover, Toyota, etc. can also experience similar adventures through their customer activities.

Dirt biking
One should be offered adventure and options of places where they can literally roll around in mud and can get scraped here 'n there. We aren't talking about cowboys here, but something even better. Urban males are too far disconnected from the traditional trappings of manhood, but every once-in-a-while, it's okay to stick to stereotypes and indulge in those many cravings. Dirt bikes, in such a case, are a combination of fun and ridiculous levels of addiction that only the ones experiencing it would know and understand. You can follow your passion to be a racer by enrolling at the Honda Racing Academy or indulge in a few hours (packages available from half day, up to 3 days) at BigRock MotoPark in Bangalore where riding time equals fun time. The natural terrain is unpredictable, something that even Motocross does not offer, which means, even a couple of rounds on the same terrain could result in a new adventure each time. These academies are open to sign up both men and women looking for adrenaline and fine tuning their biking skills.

The ATV experience
If you're looking for adventure, there is no dearth of options. The only prerequisite is interest in getting down and dirty. And since we are hell bent on covering your faces in mud, here's another one on offer. The ATV adventure is purely for recreation and a highly cost-effective one at that. True to their name, the All Terrain Vehicles are designed for the perfect outdoors. Though a driving licence isn't an actual requirement, it is best if underaged adventure seekers have some semblance of what they've signed up for. Once you've made up your mind about it, the pan-india experience zones run by Polaris at various venues are probably your best bet. However, there are multi-adventure parks like Della Adventures and OffRoad Sports that offer a multitude of outdoor adventures along with the ATV experience.

Though cycling is more of a recreational sport, recent times are witness to the rise of serious amateur cyclists. Platforms like has taken it upon themselves to promote cycling and build an ecosystem that helps riders get any cycling help they need. From renting a bicycle and having it delivered at home, organising events for the cycling community, to helping one buy the ideal bicycle to suit their needs - the platform has it all under control. Their basic aim is that people should keep cycling. With a vast range of hybrid bicycles like Being Human e-cycle, Trek Bikes and Hero Lectro EZephyr that last longer distances than their manual counterparts, the urban commuter is spoilt for choice. Take a break from smoky exhaust pipes, keep account of the rising fuel prices and invest in a bike right away. If nothing, it's a great workout option in the absence of gyms and other group workouts in the current scenario.

Megha Monga Anand

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