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Gift Good Health to your loved ones

Gift Good Health to your loved ones

Who would have thought the entire world will be struck with a never-seen-before catastrophe like COVID-19. Year 2020 has been extremely different for each one of us in more than one way. Right from the pandemic hitting us followed by the changed Office concepts (Work-from-home being the new normal) to many of us losing our loved ones, 2020 came with a warning that its high time we start taking care of ours and our loved ones health.

Now stepping into the next year, we need to be prepared for the worst and fight back with a smile. This new year, make a resolution, choose a healthy future for yourself and your loved ones. Since, the year-end is a time of gifting, what could be better than ensuring a better and healthy life for the days to come.

This New Years, move beyond materialistic gifts and give the Gift of Good Health to those you love. To help you decide, here are a few ideas:

Health First Plan by Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance
This is an Individual Non-linked Non-Par Pure Risk Premium Health Insurance plan that is affordable and provides you with a lump-sum amount on the occurrence of Heart, Cancer related conditions and on pre-defined 26 Major Critical Illnesses. This plan is designed in such a way that it provides you complete freedom to pick and choose the cover you need, and also provides multiple customization options to best suit your requirements. The lump-sum amount paid can help you overcome the immediate medical expenses without compromising on your lifestyle.

Immuno Health Package by Medeor Hospital
Medeor Hospitals (chain of multi-speciality hospitals in Delhi NCR) has launched a special health package this New Year called the Immuno Health Package. It comprises tests for important systems such as heart, liver, kidney, thyroid and to assess the immune system by checking other important parameters such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 etc. This package also contains Doctor�s consultation, advice on nutritional diet and lifestyle management along with a next level analysis of reports by experts. Medeor Hospital is offering this special package at INR 2750. The hospital is also offering a Free Medeor Privilege Card along with distinct benefits throughout the year.

One-year membership
Gift a One-year membership of for just INR 1799. This membership offers Cure fit live pack for 12 months with Extra 7 unused trial days and free benefits worth INR 15000 from JBL, Times Prime, Google Nest and more.

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