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Glam up your home this season!

Glam up your home this season!

It is the time of year when moments surrounding our family, love, laughter and happiness is at its epitome. For moments like this, we need our humble adobe to be all glammed and spruced up!

Interior firm, Ayushi Kanodia Designs, shares 7 ways we can get your home ready for the upcoming festive season!

1. Accessories: There is no better way for a quick revamp of a home than accessorising your space. This would include different artefacts, cushion covers, ceramic vases and scented candles. Metal, wooden and ceramic artefacts look really good. Neon coloured cushion colours also bring out the brightness. Colours such as red and oranges, symbolizing the festive mood. Floating or stand alone scented candles when lit, bring in freshness. Lavender or rose scented candles work well.

2. Floral Arrangements: Having fresh and artificial flower arrangements in your homes brings in the required light and colour to our home. It also invites positivity. Fresh floral arrangements could include flowers such as lilies and orchids. Pairing bright coloured lilies like fire lilies with white orchids symbolize balance. Even fresh indoor plants like the Chinese bamboo or having herbs like basil, oregano and thyme would be great. Having a natural toran at the main gate made out of dry flowers or natural materials like clay and jute gives a rustic look.

3. Aroma: Burning aroma oil diffusers, as well as aroma candles, makes the whole space have a delightful aroma. This will help in removing the cooking smell and at the same time helps in the aura of the house. The aroma oil diffused from the diffusers cleans the aura of the house and makes it more inviting.

4. Furniture and Paints: Inclusion of some loose furniture created out of reclaimed wood looks artistic and fascinating. Getting the house painted in neutral tones is a good idea. It makes the home look spacious and colour can be brought in through accessories. A pairing of bright colours like red and green or blue and yellow should never be done since both colours do not complement each other. One must pair of neutral colours with bright colours. For example having a Mediterranean blue paired with white or pink with mushroom beige.

5. Bells: Hanging bells of different size and shapes that produce different sounds look great. One can hang these bells on either end - in the middle or all on the sides. Having intricate carvings on the bells also give it a stylish look.

6. Lighting: If you are having a Pooja at hour home then having concealed lighting inside the pandal structure looks really unique and divine. Also, having hanging lights on either side of the structure would look stylish and elegant. Another tip would be using lighting that is made up of metal or other earthly elements which signify strength. This in return would give a good look.

7. Seating: If you have a pooja space where you sit down and do the offerings, having a nice comfortable yet stylish wooden/bamboo/cane lounge seating in this space would be great. Style it with bright coloured pillows to give it a colourful look. This will help you accommodate more people/ house members who want to join the rituals.

This festive season, decorate your home like no other.

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