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Go Corona Go!

Go Corona Go!

The Corona pandemic has left us all in a state of panic. The dynamics of human existence as we know it, have made a 180 degree turn. From frequently sanitising our hands, surfaces, to almost everything in-between, we’ve gone from fear to precaution and now, acceptance of the virus that isn’t going anywhere soon.

We’ve got to live with it for now, so why not equip ourselves in the best possible manner to prioritise our health with proper safety measures? Kill germs, disinfect surfaces and gadgets with some of these recommended gadgets that will make the virus’ survival difficult within your ecosystem...

Voltas UV Cart System
This UV powered disinfecting system is meant for larger spaces like offices, malls and waiting rooms. Constant cleaning of surfaces is the ‘new normal’, and the UV Cart System by Voltas is designed to deliver high germicidal intensity, adequate to sanitise large areas and inactivate the micro-organisms in a short time. From floors to walls and ceilings, if you step out in an area disinfected by the UV Cart System, be assured you’re in a safe zone.

Philips UV-C Disinfection system
Objects of daily use such as fruits and vegetables, packaged food, keys, mobile phones, stationery, laptops, and baby products are used frequently and are most prone to surface infections. What better then to sterilise and disinfect these items on a regular basis via a dependable piece of equipment? Simple and easy to use, the Philips UV-C Disinfection System by Signify costs as low as ₹7,990 for the 10ltr model, but makes for the most value-for-money gadget you’d bring home in these COVID times. An eight minute disinfection cycle frees you of everyday anxiety around the hygiene of the objects of daily use and you’re stress-free and COVID-free for as long as you have UV-C radiation taking care of your peripherals!

Lighton UV Steriliser
Your keys, wallet and mobile phone are in your hand pretty much all the time. And we know how skeptical you are about rubbing alcohol-based sanitisers on them for fear of melting away the leather and damaging the insides of most battery-operated car keys. The Lighton UV Steriliser is the perfect solution for daily knick-knacks that not only keeps them safe from germs, it also acts as a wireless charger. So while your phone is getting rid of germs and deadly viruses, it’s charging too!

Kent Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant
Times are tough… so much so that we’ve been vary of everyone from the cleaning lady to the neighbourhood vegetable vendor, even your own spouse isn’t let in the house without disinfecting them with sanitiser upon entry. For ₹7,000 Kent Vegetable and Fruit Disinfectant lets you worry about one thing less. Spare yourself the time and energy you spend everyday to put fruits and veggies through a salt bath everyday to ensure your family’s good health, and invest in this instead. Its chemical-free ozone technology ensures your consumables are germ free, and its beautiful body makes for a pretty addition on the kitchen counter as well!

Air-o-Pure 95 Air Purifier
In-car purification is something we don’t often think about. Allergic reactions and respiratory disorders often stem from unfiltered air that circulates within the confines of your car. In-cabin air is inhaled throughout the duration of your daily commute, hence the Air-o-Pure 95 air purifier is the perfect addition to your car while you’re working so hard to ensure safety and protection from viruses and germs all around you. It comes equipped with an Active Carbon HEPA filter and UV-C light that improves the air quality, removes volatile organic compounds along with virus and bacteria and filters out hazardous smoke. The purifier is elegantly designed and fits in easily in the standard car cup holders.

Megha Monga Anand

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