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Green Mobility

Green Mobility

Fossil fuels have been the bane of our times. From making countries fight over possession, to being majorly responsible for most kinds of pollution. Though there's no denying that life has improved manyfold since their use in transportation and industries, it's also high time we switch to greener fuels and opt for cars that reduce our overall carbon footprint. Here's a compilation of vehicles that promote greener mobility by the use of cleaner fuel for a healthier planet.

Tata Nexon EV
Having produced over a 1000 cars since its launch earlier this year, the Nexon tops the charts as far as electric mobility goes. While electric cars are being sought out eagerly by a market of consumers that are pretty much fed up of contributing to pollution, and of course, mounting gas bills that your regular guzzler comes with. Enter Nexon as a practical, value-for-money solution that reassures your faith in existence. A permanent magnet motor puts out 129hp and 245Nm of torque, drawing power from a 30.2kWh battery pack. There's a freshness to the dashboard design and the car dashes through traffic effortlessly, making everyday driving something you look forward to. For a starting point of INR 13.99 lakhs, the Nexon EV is a great EV to drive in the city and a promising one at that.

Using BYD's proprietary battery technology, the T3 MPV is more for the ones who are always struggling to justify the cost of transport for logistics work. This soon-to-be-launched MPV runs on clean technology and is ready to set newer benchmarks in India's electric van segment. Fully loaded with the best configurations - keyless entry, push-button start, a music system with Bluetooth connectivity, reverse parking camera and sensors, and well-designed space for cargo storage and passengers make it practical and desirable. The automatic transmission justifies the INR 10 lakhs (expected) and helps its cause further, making it an easily operable vehicle.

Miso Electric Scooter by Gemopai
Resonating two current mantras - that of practicing social distancing and promoting indian-made goods, the Miso Electric Scooter is all set to change personal mobility as we know it. Touting it as "India's first social distancing scooter", this electric scooter is a sweet ride for one! Priced at INR 44,000, the scooter comes with a range of up to 75 km per charge and charges up to 90% in 2 Hours. Locally manufactured (except the battery) and assembled, these mini scooters can be availed across India, through its 60 dealership stores. The cost-effective, environment-friendly choice for commuting comes with a 3-year service warranty for all its models; Miso, Astrid Lite and Ryder.

Being Human E-Cycle
Since it involves a certain someone with a bad track record, we'd stay away from pedestrian sidewalks even on the electric bike promoted by this individual. But jokes apart, the e-cycle works on a rechargeable battery and sports an accelerator so if you take it anywhere, you navigate your way through traffic and dash home faster. Of course, you can pedal your way
back too, but when this thing can zip across, thanks to that 250W DC motor in the
rear hub, why pedal? It reaches speeds of up to 25km/hr. There's also Pedal Assist, that works on the levels of 1 to 5, higher number means easier pedaling. It also juices up pretty fast - four hours of charging will give it enough energy to go on for a good 30-35kms.

Hyundai Kona Electric
Zipping around in an electric car is a liberating and guilt-free experience. No more are you bothered with thoughts of burning fuel, but often, battery anxiety is real, especially since we as a country aren't fully equipped to take on electric vehicles head on. With 50KW DC fast charging, the Kona Electric's battery pack goes from 0-80 percent in 57 minutes. With modern looks and details, teh Kona Electric by Hyundai is definitely a well turned-out hatchback if you're planning to go green and have something in the vicinity of INR 27 lakhs to spare!

Megha Monga Anand

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