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Hand over your hair care to Dyson

Hand over your hair care to Dyson

Dyson's incursion into hair care has been nothing short of victorious. Like Alexander the great, they came and they conquered. Ever since the launch of the revolutionary Supersonic hairdryer, followed by the Airwrap, the good folks at Dyson have been counting their way to the banks, as these amazingly good (and expensive) products have been selling like hot cakes, despite the price tag. The luxurious locks that are a happy byproduct of this indulgence are the personification of gratification.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer (INR 28,990)
The sensational hair dryer that made its entry into the indian market over two years ago literally blew the market away with its close-to-30k price tag. A hair dryer, after all, is just supposed to dry your hair, right? Then why the hefty price tag? This revolutionary hair styling tool not only became the talk of the town for a long time, it redefined the way we perceive heat protection offered by most cheaper alternatives. Designed with the precision they design aircrafts with, the shift of the digital motor to the grip of the handle from the big bulky bottom of most hair dryers was the first step towards market disruption. A clever temperature sensor that stops your hair getting damaged from too much heat made us take notice of how much heat we had been exposing our hair to. The super powerful digital motor that spins over 1,00,000 rpm without affecting the noise levels that are synonymous with the process of hair drying, it's really not hard to justify this indulgence if hair's the name of your game.

Dyson Airwrap Styler (from INR 36,900)
One thing's for sure - Dyson's hair care tools are more than just a blast of hot air. A versatile styling tool that styles as it dries, ensures temperature control, doesn't damage hair as it styles, and looks like a million bucks! The Dyson engineers have spent countless hours on perfecting the signature Coanda effect, which happens when high speed air in a cylinder creates a vortex. This again is similar to aeroscience, so trust them when they say that your hair is in the right hands. If you're used to working with tongs to achieve a curling effect, fitch it for a softer, more gentle option of letting the Airwrap's barrels entwine your hair, dry them and give the desired result. A cool shot lets you set the curl in place, and voila! You're all set to paint the town red. The volumising brush gives the roots an instant lift and is far less stressful and quicker compared to a salon blow dry. And since we've learnt the art of survival sans those regular trips we were used to, trus our word, you'll fall in love with this extremely refined process of DIY hairstyling as well.
Dyson's Corrale hair straightener (INR 36,900)
Innovation always has a special place at the Dyson headquarters. But when you're spending something in the vicinity of INR 40k, you expect it to be nothing short of mind blowing. And if you suffer from frizzy hair, this cordless option is the solution to all your woes. First of their kind flexing heat-controlled plates make styling precise and do not cause even half the damage regular straightening irons do. Use it with the cord for longer styling sessions, or cord-free for up to 30 minutes, heck, even use it in the office restroom if you didn't get dress-up time in the morning. Straight, shiny hair is achieved at lower temperatures, ease to use with or without the cord and without, request for a demo and we'll let you decide whether it deserves its sub-40k price tag or not! You know our verdict for sure!

Megha Monga Anand

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