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Healthy snacking is the mantra for 2021

Healthy snacking is the mantra for 2021

Enough of unhealthy bingeing in 2020. If it�s taught us anything at all, it is that snacking is what we all live for, be it any season, party, movie, being home or anywhere� lockdown or not! A range of scrumptious snacks that would not just make you crave for it more but also add to your favourite healthy snacking is what we all need. It is for anyone who loves munching yummy snacks and would also keep their health in consideration. Here�s our list of healthy munchies to see you through another year of WFH� this time with delicious and healthy snacks by your side!

Available mainly in Delhi and Chandigarh, Yummiano offers you with a wide range of healthy and tasty munchies made from healthy cereals like Rajma, Moong dal, Brown rice,Ragi, banana, kathal and many more variants providing you great taste with many health benefits like weight loss, blood sugar control, improving skin health, good source of fibre, lowers cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improving digestion etc. Yummiano also acts as antioxidants which boosts immunity and we understand how immunity has become an alarm for all of us. Yummiano is catering to everyone, and even people at any age suffering with any lifestyle health issues who want to enjoy good snacks.

Soulfull is a Bangalore-based FMCG startup that has been revolutionising the humble Indian grains - Millets. The brand provides healthy snacking cereals which come in interesting formats with the power of the Ragi super-grain and the yumminess in some fantastic flavours, bringing the right balance of fun and health for kids and adults alike. With this year demanding health as a priority, there�s a range of NO-Nasties and �NO-Maida� products from Soulfull as that�s what they stand for! Along with a health-conscious industry, they are driven to make the change in people�s diets by contributing to the cause of providing healthier breakfast and snacking options. Their #NoMoreMaida Campaign they stick to their message to take consumers on a healthy, soul-filling journey on a path to a healthier mind and body.

Alpino Peanut Butter
Everyday we are busy in our day to day life working or doing some of the chores but the most important thing which we need to concentrate is our health. A healthy body keeps us fit and energetic the whole day. Alpino Peanut Butter is the perfect choice for you to grab on.It is a peanut butter brand which has a variety of flavours with them and also a Peanut butter whey protein powder which is a healthy product which can be used in many ways. Alpino Peanut Butter aims at helping everyone enjoy a balanced and healthy diet, while not compromising on taste.

Vegan Meats by Wakao Foods
While we built the gingerbread houses and let the holiday mood settle in, we indulged wholly and fully in the Christmas feast to up our festive spirit. Wakao foods is here chiming its way into its very first offering, the jackfruit meat! The ethically grown and sourced jackfruit with its meat-life texture can be used to make a healthy and a delicious holiday spread. Enough of the sweet treats this season. Celebrate the arrival of a new year with an exclusive vegan and eco-friendly range by Wakao Foods.

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