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Interesting ways to use WOOD in your home.

Interesting ways to use WOOD in your home.

Wood has been an integral part of interior design for ages. Perhaps, there was a time when wood was the only element used in the construction of homes and interiors. Even today, wood is an integral design factor in many homes worldwide. A versatile material, when used the right way, can add warmth & earthiness to your home transforming your place through its aesthetic charm.
We share some tips on how to "Bring the Classic Charm of Wood to Your Home" to lend it warmth and sophistication to.

Doors and Windows
Of course, the first thing that comes to our mind when you think of a wooden element is wooden doors and windows. Though you will get many alternate materials for doors and windows today, wood remains a preferred choice among countless homemakers. It is eco-friendly, lasts long and can be modified as per your design preferences. Even if you wish to use any other material for your doors, let your front door be made from wood. Nothing beats an exquisitely crafted wooden front door. As it is a sturdy material, wood also lends extra security to your home. Wooden doors need not be boring as there are different designs you can try.

Furniture remains one of the ideal ways to include wood inside your home. You can opt for contemporary designs that combine wood with other materials to create elegant and stunning pieces that will be perfect to go with your modern design decor. While bed, chairs and tables seem to be the obvious choices, you should try uniquely designed coffee tables, day beds or a well-crafted bench to add a twist to your design. A wooden entertainment unit with neat cabinets, closed or open or both, along with a quirky coffee table to match will also help add elegance to all types of design themes.

Jhalis and Swings
A fun and artistic way to add a wooden element in the interior is with jhalis and swings.
Jhalis or lattice screens can be used in different ways inside your metropolitan city home. Why not make it a room divider that provides a partition but does not look imposing? You can also make it an ideal replacement for windows or create an accompaniment. They will let in soft light as they block the harsh sunlight in addition to lending an appealing design.

If you wish to visualise the majestic appeal of wood at every step, then opt for wooden flooring. It not only lends a classic appeal to your home but is also durable and timeless. Wooden flooring can also fetch you high resale value for your home in future. Choose from many options, hardwood or bamboo flooring, laminate floors, engineered wood or composite wood. Hardwood and bamboo flooring are sustainable choices but can be expensive. The types of wood used for hardwood flooring are mahogany, oak, and walnut among others. Talk to an interior designer to know which type of wooden flooring suits your home the best.

False ceilings have helped push neglected ceilings into the limelight. When there are myriad ways to design wooden ceilings, why wait? Opt for a combo with wood and warm metal accents or install a wooden ceiling in your bedroom along with recessed lighting to create a relaxing ambience. If you do not wish to cover the whole ceiling with wood, then opt for a small false ceiling in your dining area or in the centre of your living room. Add embedded LED lights to create a serene and calm meal time with your family, or try a design that goes with your current theme.

Did you know unfinished wood is a trending design element all over the world? Shabby chic is the norm now in interior design. You can also include the wood element in your decor through a headboard in your bedroom or through wooden sculptures. A coffee table using unfinished wood will lend a classic style to your home reminding you of nature.

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