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International Coffee Day - Beans of Happiness!

International Coffee Day - Beans of Happiness!

On International Coffee Day today, let's celebrate the beverage that has been an integral part of our culture since the 16th century. When the times were good, it enjoyed the title of being the most beloved beverage, one that helps build new social connections and a great catch-up drink with friends and colleagues.
Today, even in these morbid times, coffee is considered a great productivity enabler, as well as a beverage, a cup of which fills our day with sunshine and happiness...

Body Cupid Coffee Body Scrub: It has coffee extract and strawberry seed extract - both loaded with antioxidants - to give your skin ample support for minimising sun damage, fine lines and age spots. Coffee powder and walnut shell powder gently help exfoliate away dead cells and impurities. These also boost blood circulation to reduce cellulite and stretch marks. Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds healthy hydration and fatty acid nourishment. Vitamins B3 & E and pro-vitamin B5 help enhance anti-ageing benefits and overall skin radiance for a modest price of _449.

Something's Brewing: Something's Brewing has launched India's first coffee brewing one-stop e-shop for caffeine lovers. This first of its kind in India coffee e-commerce platform is dedicated to giving coffee lovers a taste of not only domestic and international coffees but also the entire array of coffee machines, merchandise, accessories and more. The tech-enabled marketplace has recently debuted with more than twenty internationally acclaimed brands and soon plans to bring to the market a select few top Indian speciality coffee brands as well as local Indian coffee brewing products. It also aims at introducing customers to an immersive experience where every category of coffee drinker could find their best fit. A mix of internationally acclaimed manual coffee brewing devices and accessories brands like Fellow, Delter Press, Varia Brewing, Goat Story, Finum, Wacaco & Ratio is kicking off their journey into Indian cups through the platform.

Coffeeza: Gourmet coffee company, Coffeeza is aimed at those everyday coffeeholics with round-the-clock cravings, especially when a trip to the cafe is both inconvenient and time-consuming. This premium brand of single-serve coffee capsules, machines and accessories deliver great-tasting cafe-style beverages in the comfort of your home or office. Using Coffeeza is easy, just drop in the capsule, press a button on the Coffeeza machine, and your gourmet coffee is ready within seconds. The used capsule automatically ejects into a hidden tray and can be later recycled. From delicate to lively, to rich and bold, all the coffee blends are exquisitely curated to cater to the Indian audience and suit their taste, palate, and preferences.

SLAY Coffee: Here's a gourmet coffee experience for people who're always on-the-go and for those who value the convenience of online delivery. Coffees from SLAY are handcrafted by certified baristas with coffee beans which are ground + brewed only when an order is placed, and are less than 28-days old from the date of roasting. The coffee is delivered in the SLAY Case, which is designed and structured in a way that makes coffee delivery experience spill-proof and hassle-free. Aiming to change the way the current generation perceives the beverage, SLAY is all set to create a coffee revolution in over a 100 locations in cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi-NCR and Pune through online delivery platforms and plans to expand to 15 more cities in the remainder of the year.

Sleepy Owl: The Hot and Cold Brew Bags by Sleepy Owl have taken the world of coffee making by storm. Not only does one get a gourmet experience at their convenience in two simple equipment-free steps, but it also tastes divine. Dip the Hot Brew bags in hot water for 5 minutes to set the bags to brew and Sip to enjoy after. The Brew Bags are perfectly measured, roasted and ground to make a single solid cup of hot coffee. The cold brew bags are to be slowly brewed overnight. Make a jar (500ml) of coffee by placing a brew bag. Let it brew for 12-24 hours. Brew it longer for a strong coffee and have it black over ice, or add milk. However, you like it.

mCaffeine: India's first caffeinated personal care brand, mCaffeine has led the coffee revolution in the personal care space since 2016. mCaffeine gives out a strong message of promoting confidence over colour, urging millennials to be bold, young, confident and gender-neutral just like coffee. Caffeine present in coffee, tea, and chocolate has magical properties of hair and skin care. Caffeine is a rich source of antioxidants and has several benefits for skin and hair. For the skin, it prevents puffiness on the face, even tones the skin and the antioxidants fight free radicals which help in easing out fine lines. Similarly, for hair, caffeine penetrates deep in the follicles of the hair and energises them. This action promotes hair growth. Not only this, Caffeine combats hair damage and strengthens the hair roots which prevents breakage!

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