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Man credits meditation for quick recovery from COVID-19

Man credits meditation for quick recovery from COVID-19

A coronavirus positive patient who has recovered from the disease in just one week has credited meditation for his quick recovery. Usually, it takes three weeks for a person to turn negative for COVID-19.

Muhammad Mubarak Ali had come from Oman in March and had fever. Hence, he visited a doctor in March end who recommended that he go for coronavirus testing and the report came positive. Thereafter, doctors at SMS hospital began his treatment.

During the treatment Dr Arun Pradhan asked Ali to do meditation twice a day. He also showed videos to Ali in which a special technique of meditation was explained.

Taking up the suggestion, Ali started the practice and showed positive results. Thereafter, he recovered from the disease within one week.

"Usually, it takes three weeks for a patient to recover from coronavirus," said Pradhan. "As during our work we come in contact with various people, I also met Naman Goyal -- a 33-year-old filmmaker and an Alumni of New York Film Academy -- who suggested this technique to me," the doctor added.

Goyal has done good work in Yoga and meditation filmography. He used to show his videos in various countries via YouTube. When Goyal got a positive response from people in other countries, he requested Pradhan to suggest this technique to his patients.

Following Pradhan's suggestion, Ali recovered from the coronavirus in just one week. On March 28, he had started working on this technique after testing positive for the coronavirus. Now, he has tested negative.

"I tried this meditation and was shifted to a quarantine facility in Jaipur Sanganer just in a week," Ali told IANS. After being quarantined for six more days, Ali has been discharged now.

Pradhan has also suggested to other people to practice meditation to boost immunity. "Thanks to Naman who told me about this meditation technique, I think we all should follow this in our daily life to boost immunity," he said.

Goyal said: "I have released a 4-minute video in English explaining the mechanism of the mantra meditation given to the world by late Guru Ram Lal Siyag. The mantra meditation is distributed free online."

Earlier, this particular meditation technique was recognized by the Former Vice President of India, and three times Chief Minister of Rajasthan, late Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. In a letter praising the efforts of the volunteers, he accepted that "Siddha Yoga (meditation) has helped in healing from AIDS and all other forms of disease."


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