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Matrix's latest Hair Painting technique will have you wanting more colour in your life!

Matrix's latest Hair Painting technique will have you wanting more colour in your life!

One of the hottest trending techniques currently in the US, this contemporary technique allows your stylist to blend highlights seamlessly along with your global colour. A limited edition palette of India's most claimed for shades with So Color Candy Collection. Forget unnatural results, chalky highlights and unmatched tones, Hair Painting is the new choice of experts and celebrities around the world. Read more about my experience here-

So what is hair painting?
Your hair is your hairstylist's canvas and that's exactly where their creativity is unleashed once you decide to get your hair painted. Complete surrender to your stylist is step one in achieving a result that surpasses expectations. In my case, after assessing the quality of my hair and other criterion, of the two available shades - Cherry Candy and Caramel Candy, my stylist Romikha suggested the latter for me. Over three hours of mix, mixx, blend blend, paint, paint later, this signature collection brought on a whole lot of compliments my way. Now I only wished I'd done this sooner!
Vibrant highlights popped the darker base, contours were customised to draw attention to my best features, and since I went to them with virgin, uncoloured hair, there were no overgrown highlights to hide, roots to cover up, etc. My hair was the artist's perfect masterpiece.
An interesting fact here is that Hair Painting hairstylists can customise the use of colour to best suit the needs of every individual. It is also a great choice for women who do not want a high maintenance look - the painted look lasts up to 16 weeks, as highlights do not touch the roots.

How's it different from hair colour as I know it?
Having coloured my hair over 3 years ago, I clearly remember my hairstylist educating me about the Balyage technique she'd used on my hair. Sweeping color across the surface of the hair ("balayage" is the French word for sweeping!), with lightener remaining on only the top surface of each section until the final inch of hair. Hair Painting, on the other hand, is done with much higher saturation and lends itself to more creative placement, mainly by painting underneath each section of hair to give maximum depth and brightness once the job is done.

The results of painting are starkly different. Since it can easily be compared to freehand painting, results can vary from super dimensional, to really subtle, depending upon how well the lightener catches on to the colour on your hair's texture and lasts for up to 16 weeks. Balayage, on the other hand offers a sun-kissed look that later needs touch-up and maintenance.

Another important difference is the use of foil in Hair Painting. Thinner sections (in comparison) of hair is taken and foil is used for insulation and to encourage maximum lift.

What will it cost me?
Depending upon the statue of the salon that offers the service, it should cost you a moderate amount of money to get your hair painted. But even in the most upscale salon, it'll not leave you broke!

Megha Monga Anand

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