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More October Launches to Shop

More October Launches to Shop

Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool (_55,900)
Living in the era of the "indoor generation", we are spending up to 90% of our time behind closed doors, with modern air conditioning and heating increasingly exposing us to dry air. When the air is too dry or too humid, bacteria and viruses can thrive. Humidifiers are well-established solutions to breathing in dry air. Despite their benefits, some can be unhygienic. If water is not properly treated to kill bacteria, the water may be expelled into the room, mixing with indoor air pollution which can be up to five times worse than outdoors. The new Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, a purifying and humidifying air purifier pioneered by Dyson's microbiologists and engineers, uses Dyson's revolutionary new UV-C assembly to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water on the first pass, and the biostatic silver-threaded evaporator helps prevent bacterial growth for truly hygienic humidification.

ASICS Dynablast (_10,999)
Dynablast by ASICS is a performance shoe offering runners a faster, lighter, bouncier ride. Based on ASICS' trademark human-centric design, it is made for anyone looking to add some fun to their run and put an extra spring in their step. Following on from the successful launch of the Novablast running shoe, ASICS have answered the call of runners, by adding another shoe to the range, the Dynablast. It features Flytefoam Blast technology in the midsole for a lightweight, responsive feel. Underfoot cut-outs in the outsole also work with the midsole foam to put extra bounce into every stride. With its fast, bouncy, energetic feel, the Dynablast is a recommended shoe for a new generation of runners who look forward to their runs as a fun, uplifting experience.

Philips Soundbars and Party Speakers (from _7,990)
TPV Technology has launched 9 new products across the Philips branded Soundbar and party speaker range. The new range of products are equipped with the latest innovations and ground-breaking technology, delivering a power-packed indoor experience. The new range of products in the audio category include HTL8162, 8121, 8120, 1042, 1020 and 1021 audio soundbars. The new HTL8162 comes with premium glass design and touch panel, the 160W soundbar with compact wireless subwoofer offers superior audio quality and thumping bass to create a truly cinematic experience at home. Another exciting product that has been launched as a part of the party speaker range is the TANX200 Bluetooth party speakers with twin bass drivers for thundering bass and 14 hours play time. The speakers also have a feature where consumers can plug in their guitar and rock to the tunes of it. These speakers create a pulsating environment that gets everyone up and dancing to the party light effects. Colored lights on the speaker's pulse in sync to the music, flash in different orders, or stay on in a steady glow. So even as people continue to remain safely home, there will be no compromise in the celebrations with the new Philips party speaker range.

Urban X1 (_2,499) and X2 Neckbands (_2,799) from Inbase
Inbase, a leading name in the innovative and portable digital product market, has launched Urban X1 and X2 neckbands as a part of their Urban Series. The Urban Series is the new segment of smart wearables that focus on style quotient for youth and millennials. The motto of this series is to offer luxury and style with a bit of Swag at a relatively affordable price.. With the launch of the latest products, Inbase will be strengthening its existing portfolio of premium smartwatch line-up. The Urban X1 and X2 Neckbands promise premium sound quality with appropriate bass. Both Bluetooth neckbands are IPX4 rated, making them water-resistant and sweat-proof. Built with titanium dynamic drivers, Urban X1 and X2 offer 10 and 12 hours of non-stop music experience respectively. The earbuds have in-built magnets that keep the buds together when the neckband is not in use. With an advanced Bluetooth 5.0, "Urban X1 and X2" get easily connected to Smartphones while allowing dual pairing. While both the neck bands have HD mic instilled; Urban X1 has a secure ear-hook design that keeps the earbuds steady during workouts. The neckbands personify a perfect blend of style quotient and futuristic technology; it promises to deliver the finest musical experience due to its extraordinary surround sound and noise cancellation feature.

Hammer Pulse COVID Smartwatch (_2,799)
As the whole world is engulfed with COVID-19 effect, Hammer Audios has come up with the first of its kind COVID Smart Watch named "Hammer Pulse". Rising of the body temperature is one of the foremost symptoms of COVID. This Smartwatch helps you in monitoring your body temperature throughout the day. The Pulse smartwatch uses the latest temperature sensor thermometer on the wrist to measure body temperature 24/7 and also keeps you informed about your temperature on time. The all-day activity data monitoring feature supports blood pressure monitoring to understand the state of the body in depth. In addition, there is a blood oxygen monitoring function to improve your overall health. Incoming calls, text messages, Wechat, Facebook and other functions. The smartwatch will vibrate synchronously and you can see the information by raising your hand. The Hammer Pulse is waterproof and the perfect daily companion to keep you informed and active all day with multi-sport modes, daily step count, calories, and distance tracking. Remote Camera Control, Weather Forecasting and Music Controller are few other features that make it a handy and useful device.

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