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NBA 2K to include Indian Market

NBA 2K to include Indian Market

It’s time to celebrate for the fans of the NBA 2K League. Its fast growing global distribution globally plans since its launch back in 2017 have finally included the Indian market. Brendan Donohue, Managing Director of the NBA 2K League told us, "We continued to expand our broadcast distribution in Season 3 and were thrilled that in addition to Twitch and YouTube, for the first time NBA 2K League competition aired live on ESPN2, ESPN's digital platforms, Dash Radio, Sportsnet in Canada, and on delay on eGG Network in Southeast Asia and Loco in India." The result has been the most-watched NBA 2K League season to date.

He continued, "Our goal is for the NBA 2K League to be a truly global league, with players, fans and teams from around the world. Our partnership with an industry-leader like Loco to stream this season's Playoffs and Finals and more than 200 games next season will help us further reach India's passionate and growing esports community, while showcasing the excitement of the NBA 2K League and our amazing players to fans in India."

Calling India an attractive market for the NBA 2K League, he mentioned that there's enormous potential for the League to grow domestically, and in international markets such as India. Reaching fans - whether hardcore or casual - is easier with the spurt in the global esports scenario. So much so that with access to observe world-class players via the medium of esports, it's only a matter of time before we see an Indian player in the League.

Having learnt their lessons from 2020, going forward, he plans for the League to grow the teams, players and innovate their way into the future. With the addition of two new teams to the roster, it's not wrong to call the NBA 2K League a global player with a dedicated fanbase. The innovative model that allowed a remote broadcast in 23 markets via a virtual NBA 2K League Studio was a record-breaking move, resulting in the addition of 14 new marketing partners to build the momentum for the seasons to come in the months ahead.

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