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Perfecting The Base For Makeup

Perfecting The Base For Makeup

Looking cakey after spending your precious time getting ready for work or for a night out is perhaps the last thing you'd want. More often than not, getting the base right is half the battle won. But how many of us manage to get it right? When you want your face to look not too heavy, too made up and too cakey, you must follow these three-step routines - prep right, apply well and prime before blending - to achieve a flawless and fresh looking face.

Delhi-based makeup artist Shruti Sharma shares her two pence, "For flawless makeup, the key is to start with a clean canvas. Foundation will only look as good as the skin underneath so maintaining a consistent skin care routine is a must. The next step is to prime. A primer acts as a bond between the skin and the foundation making it easier to blend seamlessly."

Back to basics - Prep right
Your face is all but a canvas for you to either create a masterpiece or a drama so intense people recognise you from your cakey makeup even from far. With the masterpiece look being the intent - now and forever - one must do all it takes. Learn to crawl before you run, right? CTM is the holy grail of skincare, and yet again the age-old advice comes in handy. A skincare expert at Aureana shares, "Never skip your skincare routine before applying makeup. Cleanse thoroughly to remove any dirt or excess oil and even out the texture. The Luminous Brightening Face Wash helps to keep your skin smooth and hydrated, also helps to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Toning sets the tone for a radiant and glowing skin. And finally, a moisturiser or serum is a must to hydrate your skin and avoid any dryness. The
Luminous Brightening Day Cream by Aurena is infused with Vitamin C it helps reduce melanin synthesis and gives you an even skin tone."

Aishwarya Sawarna Nir, Founder of Global Beauty Secrets suggests exfoliation mustn't be ignored either. She tells us how to prep the skin before applying makeup, "It is essential that the facial pores are thoroughly exfoliated, cleansed, toned and moisturised before one begins with the process of putting on makeup . For exfoliation one can choose natural ingredient based scrubs like almond, sugar or chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid, onen can also use activated charcoal based face masks for cleaning away all the dirt and grime. After a gentle exfoliation, follow it up with a good cleanser suited to your skin type, preferably those enriched with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, adzuki beans etc. A good hydrating PH-balanced toner to minimise your pores and then layer on a good moisturiser to get a natural dewy glow."

Another product, regular use of which ensures your skin is forever supple, is the Nashi Argan Nectar-Revitalizing Oil. The skin experts working for this Italian skincare brand have created this treatment that's suitable for all skin types. The result is brilliant, glowing skin that has enough radiance and elasticity to be the perfect canvas for your artistic endeavours. Reduction in wrinkles, velvety touch and a smooth, polished face is a bonus we wouldn't refuse.

Apply well
Now that your face is ready, it's important to apply the right foundation. Aruksheta Sethi, Brand Manager, Avon Color Cosmetics says, "Finding the right foundation for a perfect base matching your skin tone is one of the most important aspects. One should choose a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, sits well on your skin, and provides a natural coverage giving you a skin-like finish. Follow it up with a press powder to achieve flawless coverage and sun protection without clogging pores. Avon's True Color Oil Control Plus Pressed Powder keeps your skin fresh and shine free for hours. It blurs and smooths any unevenness in both your tone and texture. It gives a strong mattifying finish with feather-light feel that makes it easy to apply and blend." A quick lockdown tip from them is that even if you're skipping foundation (all thanks to the humidity effect it creates within the mask), keep your pressed powder handy to dab off that excess sweat or oiliness from your skin.

When it comes to foundation, Shruti Sharma goes by the mantra of "less is more". "Be conservative when applying foundation. Apply in circular motion from inside of the face to out. Use a concealer only if required. Set it with MAC Prep and Prime Translucent Setting Powder and you have a flawless base!"

Prime and blend
Prep and prime your skin well before you put any cosmetic product to avoid looking all cake-y. Amanda Bell, Global Director of Education and Artistry at Pixi By Petra insists that serums and primers should be applied without fail before applying foundation. Allow the skin a minute or two to absorb the moisture completely. A product like the Hydrating Milky Serum by Pixi By Petra is infused with Vitamin C and gives the skin a boost of antioxidants as well as a healthy dose of hydration and nourishment. Amanda says, "For a skin prone to shine and oiliness you can use the makeup fixing mist as a water primer as well as a finishing spritz on all skins to hold pigment ensuring flawless make up for longer. Primers are essential for a canvas that is customised to create the best textured base for you."

Now that your skin is ready for the magic to unfold, blend your foundation seamlessly. A friendly piece of advice to enhance your look further - don't forget to colour correct problem areas like dark undereyes, pigmentation, and you're set to step out in style!

Megha Monga Anand

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