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Sleep tools for a good night's sleep

Sleep tools for a good night's sleep

It is generally quite difficult getting a good night's rest under stressful conditions. This has been made even harder by the ongoing pandemic. 2020 as a year has been challenging for the world. In addition to the ongoing pandemic worries, blurring lines between one's professional and personal life due to the WFH situation, juggling housework and homeschooling, loneliness and economic uncertainties are multiple factors that have caused stress levels to skyrocket, resulting in reduced sleep hours. Loss of adequate sleep over a period of time tends to have negative effects on one's overall health. Here's a list of things we feel would aid a good night's slumber...

Xech iSoothe (INR 3,780 on
Xech iSoothe is the ultimate, portable Eye Massage Device that transports you to a world of Serenity in seconds. The Xech iSoothe is built to rejuvenate, relax and refresh your eyes within minutes. Built with 42* Heat Compression Technology, Vibration and Pressure motors that emulate a professional therapist's methods, the Xech iSoothe deeply massages the areas around the eyes and forehead to relieve blockages. It also comes embedded with tiny, high-quality speakers that can switch between the 2 embedded ambient tunes or play your own via Bluetooth connectivity. Think of it as a personal spa, for your eyes.

Dozee (INR 7,999 on
Dozee is a contact-free health monitor that tracks heartbeat, respiration, sleep, and stress-recovery with medical-grade 98.4% accuracy. It is the only device that gives continuous respiration data, that too without the need of wires or any technical expertise. It tracks the vital health parameters like Heart rate, respiration rate, Sleep quality, Stress and recovery levels, Sleep Apnea index using it non-intrusive contactless easy to use technology. Dozee comes with AI driven Advanced Health Intelligence (AHI) which accurately tracks Respiratory & Cardiac health & gives alerts flagging early health deterioration for timely medical actions. The Dozee health tracker data can be checked using the mobile app and can be shared with family members and health care providers for remote health tracking. Interaction with health experts is available for further understanding of health data and recommended care provision.

Neelkamal Doctor Dreams (from INR 5,519 on
Recognising the importance of sleep in the overall mental and physical well-being of a person, India's first holistic sleep solutions brand Doctor Dreams, from the house of Nilkamal, leveraged social listening to understand the numerous sleep-related pain points of a consumer. On the basis of this understanding and driven by the passion to offer the best sleep solution to this country, Doctor Dreams has created a comprehensive sleep ecosystem with its host of products, accessories, and softer solutions. Doctor Dreams mattresses have been designed keeping in mind the sleep patterns, body ergonomics, and India's prevalent weather condition. In addition to the world-class products, Doctor Dreams has created a host of digital experiences such as the Sleep Journal, Sleep music, and Sleep stories.

Pixi by Petra Overnight Glow Serum (INR 2400 on
Aside from products that aid a good night's sleep, having a proper nighttime skincare routine is crucial to recovery too. Skincare at night that focuses on repairing and regenerating with increased blood flow during your sleep, results in beautiful and healthy skin throughout the day. This miracle potion's smooth, moisturizing texture is enriched with gentle exfoliators to leave skin more even-toned & radiant. 10% glycolic acid ensures that the texture of skin and appearance of fine lines are visibly improved over time. Vitamin A acts as a potent antioxidant and cucumber helps to calm and soothe the skin giving you a much radiant glow.

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