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The Future is Streetwear Fashion

The Future is Streetwear Fashion

Getting used to wearing those baggy pants, the ultra-long t-shirt, neon stripes and those oh-so-colourful and bold prints? You might just be the newest addition on the streetwear wagon. Like it or not, urban streetwear fashion is here to stay. The very punk rock meets hip-hop look that the style is known for has comfort at its very core. Making a statement is part of the urban culture. Keeping that culture alive, with a bit of oomph thrown in for extra notice, Tang magazine compiles a list of streetwear brands we've been drooling over.

ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra
This young 20-something girl from Gurgaon is a firehouse of talent and has literally taken the world of streetwear by storm. With individual style being the heart of her creations, having a home-grown streetwear brand is at par with youthful international streetwear designs. Having been spotted on the likes of Varun Dhawan and Ranveer Singh and loved by stylists across Bollywood, ADK by Avishi Dayal Kalra known for her neon prints, is now designing for Adidas. That's a giant leap, girl!

MASH by Malvika Shroff
Fun, quirky and filled with bling, Mash is a brand with personalities that aren't afraid to show their bold side. The prints are daring and uninhibited, to say the least, the prints eye-catching, and designs look so comfortable you wanna slip into them the minute you lay your eyes on them. If you want people to step up and take notice, sport a MASH by Malvika Shroff design and you're sure to turn some heads whichever room you enter in.

Scribbology The Label
Quirky, and yet not over-the-top, this Indian streetwear brand started by Nikki Jain is for the experimental soul. Street chic finds a new address and expression while completely maintaining your status quo of being a total fashionista. If you like experimenting with silhouettes without compromising on your inherent femininity, Scribbology The Label is the brand for you!

We humans impose gender duality in everything we do. Thankfully, this designer duo of Shruti and Harsha Biswajit have been dedicated towards breaking gender stereotypes by pushing the boundaries of fashion, art, photography and design. If you too dream of an equal society where gender-neutral clothing serves a higher purpose, functionality, comfort and durability are key, the design inspirations of BISKIT Unisex are the clothes you'd wanna live in forever!

Finally a brand that understands sneaker culture like we do. Internationally, sneakers have a huge influence in art, music and fashion, and our love for them goes beyond labelling ourselves as plain-old sneakerheads. Street culture here goes beyond just the retail experience. VegNonVeg is the candy store equivalent for those who are looking for sneakers ranging from classic and heritage models to their modern, tech-infused counterparts, multiple brands all under one roof.

Megha Monga Anand

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