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The Predilection of Slow Fashion

The Predilection of Slow Fashion

Fashion Industry has dominated life in so many unimaginable ways. It is a means to express creativity, inspiration, to create jobs, to motivate passion and it speaks a universal language. This industry is worth $1.4 trillion and still continues to grow rapidly.

Along with production, fashion is also the world�s second largest pollutant after Oil. Landfills, low-wage unethical and unhealthy work conditions, sweatshop industries, mass production, chemicals, dyes are all the ugly side of this industry. Recent rise in consumerism has led to the trend of Fast fashion - upsurge in inexpensive clothes that are mass-produced very frequently and influence mini-seasons of ready-to-wear apparel.

Mitigating the ill-effects of Fast Fashion, brands, designers and consumers are more conscious of how it impacts the environment. Moreover, mass production takes away the originality of craftsmanship and creativity, which this Industry thrives on. Many Indian brands have emerged in the last decade that focus on sustainable, slow fashion and ethical production of apparel. Slow fashion is not just a trend in the fashion world. It is a wave of consciousness and consideration for a healthier environment.

Slow Fashion brands in India:
Khela Kids -
As they claim themselves, Khela Kids is an ode to the textile heritage of India. The fact that this brand makes clothes for kids, is an added bonus to teach kids to make a conscious choice from an early age.

Pause Fashion -
They hope to create fuss-free-fashion by using natural fabric, climate-friendly production of clothes that are empowering and comfortable for the wearer. Pause Fashion believes in the power of sustainable, zero-waste fashion.

Buna Studio -
Buna Studio drown in culture, craft and community, traditional and innovative slow fashion. They emphasise on the journey of creating their pieces as much as creation. They are and advocate to the essence of green fashion and thus reducing carbon footprints.

Okhai -
Okhai works to support and uplift the dying art of handwoven tribal craftswomen so as to empower and encourage them to self-reliance and growth. Okhai incorporates olden methods of skill with innovative processes that can help inspire consumers to help improve the life of tribal women.

Amrapali -
Amrapali is a home-grown business run by a mother and her 2 daughters, representing the best of West Bengal. This brand mainly celebrates handloom and curated collections of sustainable fashion.

Good Earth -
Good Earth is a luxury retail brand that takes pride in housing pure, natural and original designs and encourages hand craftsmanship. They believe in sustaining traditions, by sustaining the planet and sustaining livelihood ultimately. They have a myriad of lifestyle products, apparel and accessories that are ethically curated and are unique.

Maryam Syed

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