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Top 6 Health Mantras in These Trying Times

Top 6 Health Mantras in These Trying Times

With the current coronavirus outbreak, and the need for us to be under quarantine, socially distance ourselves and be at home, it is vital that we look after our well-being and health at the same time. While the majority of us are doing our bit by staying in to avoid physical contact and ensure that the risk is minimised, today more than ever maintaining a healthy lifestyle is of paramount of importance to fight back Covid-19.
Here are some tips which can help us stay 100% healthy and maintain our wellness during these tough times:

Keep yourself hydrated
Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. Experts say that a minimum 2 litres of water a day is a good start. Being well-hydrated not only helps to flush the toxins out of your body, but also improves sleep quality, cognition, and overall mood.

Maintain a fitness regime
With all the gyms being shut down and avoiding moving out in public spaces for walks/runs, we can resort to exercising indoors. One of the easiest ways to lose weight would be running up and down the stairs in your building/society, it proves to be good cardio! We can simply explore videos online which have quick workouts that will make your sweat like never before! The internet is filled with videos that will not only get you grooving but also keep you fit.

Balanced Diet is crucial
Eating well will help ward off numerous diseases and health complications. Don�t forget to eat your veggies/greens and fruits which will help you keep up with good health. Remember, it is important to eat right, not less. Maintaining a well-balanced diet with the right amount of nutrition is what your body requires right now.

Build better immunity and health
Not a big fan of fruits? You can now switch to drinking healthy and nutritious fruit juices which will help boost immunity levels which is paramount today. The Bosch slow juicer juices are more nutritious, as significantly more vitamins and enzymes are extracted due to slower and gentler squeezing technology. The Bosch slow juicer is your companion for building better immunity and health.

Immunity boosting drinks
We are all aware that with a strong immune system comes the ability to fight Covid-19. Experts recommend intake of immunity boosting drinks such as turmeric milk, warm water with pepper, turmeric water, watermelon and spinach juice to name a few. Here are a few ways to make those yummy immunity boosting drinks

Practise mindfulness
With the coronavirus outbreak, it is highly likely that it will affect our mental health. Some of us might just need something to help distract our minds and feel good about something. Mpower, a pioneer in Indian mental healthcare has renowned experts and therapists who can help share some tips/techniques that we all could follow to feel better and happier in these stressful times.

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