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Ways to incorporate the new Pantone colour - Bright Yellow & Ultimate Grey in homes and offices

Ways to incorporate the new Pantone colour - Bright Yellow & Ultimate Grey in homes and offices

This year Pantone has chosen these colours by taking a wide inspiration from the past year. Like the famous ying yang concept, the combination of bright yellow and ultimate grey throw light on the idea of striking a balance between the calm and the chaos. The year 2020 that started with a bang, took us all down the road of grief, loss and pain quoting �Hope is all we�ve got.�

Bright yellow, as the name suggests feels like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy morning. The combination of bright yellow and ultimate grey hold a vast history in this industry. We have come to terms with the fact that it is very hard to find a home or an office that lacks either of these colours.

Commenting on the use of the new Pantone colours of 2021, Pankaj Poddar, the co-founder of Hipcouch, the Interior Design Company, shares, �The yellow feels like a fresh wave of energy, enthusiasm and excitement, compensating for the mellow 2020. We are looking at these colours like ying yang, striking a balance between the dull and the bright.
a) A bright yellow, as the name suggests is quite a welcoming colour in any space. In a residential space, it works for adults as well as kids' rooms. It doesn�t follow age and its presence is quite enduring.
b) A combination of grey and yellow are widely used in commercial spaces. This combination adds a playful vibe as well a sense of maturity. Bright yellow is a great energy booster while grey balances out the calm.�

Pankaj further shares with Tang Magazine, interesting ways on how this colour can be incorporated in residential and commercial premises

KITCHEN: Home is where the heart is and the Kitchen is where we all are! A go to place for a king size breakfast to a midnight snack, a bright kitchen reflects a beam of energy and freshness. No doubt, that beige kitchens have always been a thing but experimenting with colours has always been OUR thing. With bright yellow cabinets and cement dado, our kitchens are as exciting and as welcoming as one could imagine.

ENTRANCE: As much as we talk about highlighting the regular spaces like bedrooms and living rooms and conference rooms or cabins in offices, very little attention is paid to the entrances. Working for homes in Mumbai with fairly smaller passages, a splash of yellow or a grey wall with a bright yellow artwork makes the entrance feel warm and welcoming. Well, isn�t that the point of the entrances? Yellow and grey compliment with a wide range of materials like fabric, wood, metal that not only enhance the design but give a unique twist to the usual scheme of things.

COLOUR BLOCKING: In the recent past colour blocking has found its way into the mainstream design sensibilities. It not only pops out but also uplifts the look and the feel of the furniture around it. A block of yellow not only reflects more light in the space but also helps to bring in a wave of positivity to the space and the mind.

KIDS ROOM: Known for the �most colourful space� of any home, you can never go wrong with colours in this space. Yellow being the primary colour brightens up the space while grey inflicts a sense of curiosity into the young minds. A bright yellow wall or a grey wall with blocks of yellow adds a lot of play to the design.

Tang Magazine

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