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WFH - Productivity enhancers

WFH - Productivity enhancers

You're living the lockdown life and now you've got so used to it that working from home is the mantra for life! We don't know about you, but we've been craving to get back to office, wishing for normally. It may be the most masochistic wish at the moment, but we're missing everything - from the morning rush hour to the playful banter and frequent chai breaks.
But if you're the kind who has settled well into the WFH routine, looking to upgrade the workstation so more quality work can be churned out, here's a list of our recommendations to enhance the WFH to maximise productivity -

Cofeezza Finero Capsule Coffee Machine
An affordable and beautiful looking machine to fix your morning coffee cravings. If you've survived the lockdown with instant coffee, cursing every minute that you weren't able to grab your favourite beverage from the neighbourhood coffee shop, we suggest you invest in the Cofeezza Finero Capsule Coffee Machine right away! Priced at a modest ?13,499, this coffee machine is the ultimate wakeup call you'll need. It's got a minimalist design, goes beautifully from kitchen counter to your work desk without upsetting your design ecosystem at all. It gets ready for use in 45 seconds and churns out a mean espresso and lungo. What's even better? The machine's compatibility with Nespresso pods. So go ahead, find your coffee nirvana1

Wings Power Pods
Loving the WFH system but hating wires all around? You might appreciate a pair of truly wireless earbuds more than you think you will. Give them a chance and you'll be kissing goodbye to wires forever. Decent sound quality, over 6 hours of use on a single charge, fit within a decent budget and have a one-of-a kind LCD power display that tells you remaining percentage so you're never caught unaware while in the midst of a Zoom meeting. The USB port on the back of the charging case too is a unique feature not often found in ?3799 budget pods. Grab 'em soon, say hello to a wireless life and let your daily Zoom meetings not bother your entire household.

Dyson Pure Cool Me
Here's one item especially designed for work desks and bedside tables. Airborne nasties are all around and whether you like it or not, repeated studies have proved that indoor air pollution is real. Now we don't want indoor pollution to bother us, and at the same time keep our desk environment nice and cool. You inhale fresher air, thanks to its HEPA and activated carbon filters, the cool breeze is directed directly towards you. An expensive indulgence, no doubt, but this ?25,900 could be the best value for money you could ever expect from a gadget.

TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System
A strong internet connection throughout the house is a prerequisite for a seamless WFH system. While network cables around the house are a huge mess, a mesh wi-fi system may be your best bet to beat the system. Conventional routers don't reach every corner of your house, and if WFH is going to be the long-term way of life, invest in a mesh system like the TP-Link Deco M4 and it'll have you covered. Going up to 1167 Mbps high-speed, the Deco M4 provides fast and stable connections, so whatever the nature of your job may be, weak signal won't be an excuse anymore. It costs a neat? 21,999 and provides coverage up to 5,500 sq. ft. area and supports about a 100 devices. Now not only your house, perhaps your entire building will stop complaining.

2020 Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch
Tapping away at the keyboard all day? Take a break and take the big leap where practicality meets function. Besides, with a whole new OS and the magic keyboard, the iPad Pro is good enough to pass off as a desktop computer on any given day. This isn't a temporary transition, mind you! ?89,000 is almost as close to a MacBook Air you'd argue, so why an iPad instead? With the right cover and folio case, there are many ways in which the functionality and creative usage of the iPad Pro make it all the way to the closing argument. So if you're tired of your work desk at home, invest in the Pro and once you fall in love with it like we did, we guarantee you'll switch to it almost entirely.

Megha Monga Anand

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