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What Sustainable Homes look like

What Sustainable Homes look like

If you've been trying to give your house a sustainable makeover, this is for you. People throw around the word "Sustainable" all the time these days, but between architectural innovation, solar panels, home composting pits and rainwater harvesting, it can seem overwhelming. All of the above are great to include - and indeed are becoming essential, because global warming will get everyone - but there are less intimidating ways to get started on minimising the environmental impact of your house. Whether you're currently in the process of designing your dream eco-home or are committed to making the most of what you have, these nifty tricks and tips shared by Pankaj Poddar, the co-founder of Hipcouch, the Interior Design Company are worth remembering.

Lots of Natural Light
Not only does a home with lots of natural light have an instantly uplifting effect on one's mood, it makes it possible to cut down on electricity consumption. Ample natural light reduces the dependence on artificial lighting solutions, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. When designing a new home in this new decade, make sure to work this crucial detail into your blueprints.

Responsibly Sourced Eco-friendly materials
Sustainable homes can be identified by the liberal use of eco-friendly, better-for-the-earth materials such as cork, bamboo or recycled metal. And a lot of it simply boils down to making different choices. Instead of picking mass-produced furniture pieces, scour local markets for vintage or second hand pieces. If you're handy with woodwork, try and source recycled or salvaged wood for a fun DIY project.

Green Spaces
The desire to stay as close to nature as possible, even while living in a concrete jungle, has meant that new-age homeowners are increasingly building green spaces into the designs of their spaces. From intricate indoor gardens to smaller green corners, this is the most obvious way to go green.

A Robust Recycling System
If you haven't yet, start segregating your waste! There are lots of handy recycling bins, with separate compartments for wet and dry waste, in the market to choose from. When you're ready to level up, look into the possibility of setting up a composting pit in your home and hit a jackpot of bonus points.

Energy-efficient Fixtures
If you aren't doing this already, we're confused - why? There are so many great options to choose from these days! We recommend installing smart faucets on all the taps in your home to reduce water wastage, opting for energy-saver LED bulbs, and investing in solar panels (which are a bit expensive to install, but the payoff in the long run is so high that it's totally worth it).

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