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World Coconut Day

World Coconut Day

It's World Coconut Day! And we are celebrating this "Tree of Life" by talking about a few things that coconuts have blessed us with - not just that gorgeous head of hair! Right from coconut in our food to coconut on our faces, let's crack this open!

Coconuts can invoke varied sentiments among us, for some it may be the childhood swing where a champi was underway or a (much-needed) holiday on the beach under the shade of the coconut palm tree. Coconuts are also symbolic to the ceremonious coconut-smash or a hot afternoon and a sip of cold, refreshing coconut water and a bite of the decadent soft coconut flesh. There's no denying that there comes a 'max-chill' factor with this drupe.

Coconut for Skin:
Dehydration of the skin is rehabilitated by moisture and coconut helps reduce inflammation, bacteria and has excellent moisturising and healing properties. Forest Essentials Tender Coconut with Turmeric and Basil Leaf SPF 50+ Fluid is an excellent example of how it can be mixed with other ingredients to form a soothing formula. It is seen in most lotions, oils and liquids that are formulated to calm irritated skin, itchiness or even heal wounds due to the medium-chain fatty acids present in its nature.

A good option for removing stubborn makeup without having to tug at your skin. Wow Skin Science Coconut Hydrating Face Wash is going to get the job done and if you have coconut oil in the house, break down the makeup and that waterproof mascara first and then follow up with a regular facewash to get all the greasiness off.

After a good face wash, it is mandatory to rejuvenate the skin with the nutrients in a thinner formula to have the pores absorb the good additives like that from Skinyoga Natural Face Oil with Coconut and Vitamin C that help hydrate and heal the skin. Another excellent Enns Closet product is the coconut and coffee lip scrub - removes dead skin and hydrates to softer lips.

Coconut oil for hair is not new information and other than the trusty Parachute Oil that India is known for, organic Indian brands that sell Coconut oil for hair and skin, like, CocoVit and The Coconut People that have exclusive products like their Virgin Coconut Oil is popular among those who want to use the oil in its purest form. If you want a hint of goodness without the grease in your hair, Enn Closet Coconut Hair Milk Spray is our best bet for healthy, strong hair.

Coconut in Food:
Pina Coladas, Thai food, Bounty, coconut milk smoothies! While coconuts are filled with nutrients and rich in fibre, it is also quite calorie-rich and it took a while to develop healthy recipes with just the right combination and now, Coconut oil, milk or its grated form (Copra) is used as substitutes. Anirink coconut flour is a healthier alternative to regular flour and it is also used to make sugar or can be a healthier dairy substitute. The sweetness of the meat - the white part - adds extra flavour and richness to food and drinks.

Gym fanatics tend to add coconut oil to their black coffee for a quick energy boost and cooking with coconut oil increases absorption of nutrients and vitamins to the body. Coconut water is often prescribed, to hydrate the body. Try Cocojal packaged coconut water if your local "nariyal-paani-waala" isn't accessible. Fresher the better, purer the better.

To sum it up, we leave you with Apron Tales' original recipe for Tender Coconut Souffle that will satisfy all your senses!

Prep Time: 10 mins Cook time: 20 mins Setting Time: 8hrs
Total time: 8hrs 30 mins

2 cups Tender Coconut water
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup milk
1 cup puree of tender coconut
1/2 cup milkmaid
4 tbsp Gelatin
3 tbsp Sugar

In a non-stick saucepan add the tender coconut water and gelatin and heat on a medium flame until gelatin dissolves. Then add the sugar to this and mix until the sugar dissolves. Set aside to cool
In the same saucepan, add the coconut milk, milk and milkmaid. Mix well over a medium flame.
Add the coconut water/gelatin/sugar mixture to this. Mix well and take it off the flame once it comes to a boil.
Cool the mixture
Once the mixture is cool add the coconut puree and whisk well.
Pour into your serving dish and keep refrigerated up to 8hrs.

Tip: Blend the malai or coconut meat must be scooped out of the shell and blended in a food processor to a smooth puree.

Maryam Syed

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