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Delhi allows home isolation for corona-positive cases


New Delhi, April 30 2020 - As the Central government allowed home isolation of COVID-19 patients, the city government on Thursday followed suit and issued an SOP for the positive coronavirus cases having very mild symptoms or those who are in a pre-symptomatic phase.

In an order, the Delhi Directorate General Of Health Services said the competent authority has approved home isolation of laboratory confirmed cases of very mild/pre-symptomatic cases of COVID-19.

The SOP for the facilitation of home isolation was also issued.

The first Criteria for Home Isolation is that the person should be clinically assigned as a very mild case or pre-symptomatic case by the treating Medical Officer or by in-charge of a nearby public health facility.

"Such cases should have the requisite facility at their residence for self-isolation and also for quarantining the family contacts," the order said.

It says a team comprising ANM/ASHA and AWW will assess the suitability and appropriateness of the requisite facility for home isolation of COVID-19 patients under the supervision of in-charge of nearby public health facility.

"A caregiver should be available on a 24X7 basis. A communication link between the caregiver and hospital is a prerequisite for the entire duration of home isolation."

The SOP also includes that the caregiver and all close contacts of such cases should take hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) prophylaxis as per protocol and as prescribed by the treating Medical Officer.

It prescribes downloading the Arogya Setu App which should remain active at all times, it said.

"The patient shall agree to monitor his health and regularly inform his health status to the District Surveillance Officer for a further follow-up by surveillance teams.

"The patient will fill in an undertaking on self-isolation and the same will be preserved in official records in softcopy and shall follow home quarantine guidelines," the SOP order said.

It also said that the home-quarantine guidelines are available at ''.

Also, a stamp "COMMITTED TO HOME ISOLATION" will be stamped by the Health Care Worker using appropriate PPE.

"The date of release is to be 16 days from the date of sample taking. If two subsequent samples tested are not negative, then home isolation will be extended as per prevailing guildlance," it added.

So far, all suspected cases are quarantined at the facilities arranged by the government.

There are three levels of coronavirus care in the city for those having no symptoms, mild symptoms or critical patients -- Covid care centres (CCC), dedicated health centres and dedicated hospitals, respectively.

Delhi has nine COVID hospitals, three COVID health Centres and nine COVID care centres.


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