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5 Best Fitness Apps for Smartphone Users in 2021

Are you planning to exercise your way to a healthier lifestyle this year, but concerned about going back to the gym? Worry not. You are not alone. With the pandemic still looming large over our heads, many of us believe that working out at home is still the safest option over public gyms. Moreover, thanks to technology, working out at home has become a lot simpler, comfortable and affordable now. We bring you a list of 5 fitness apps for Android and iPhone to help with your fitness journey at the comfort of your home. Fittr Fittr is one of the world's largest community-driven online health and fitness platforms. Offering a freemium model, Fittr acts as a one-stop-shop for all health and fitness needs. It provides free access to diet and training tools, thousands of healthy recipes, live fitness sessions with experts, QnA with coaches, and connects users to a 2-million-strong community of fitness experts and enthusiasts. With a library of over 150 workout sessions led by Fittr coaches, users can access these anytime and work out. Additionally, users can get personalized nutrition and exercise plans by paying a small premium. The customized plans and workouts are provided by one of Fittr's 420 plus certified coaches. Fittr has also recently introduced online personal training sessions. These can be one-on-one as well as group sessions, which help you work out with friends. Workout sessions include yoga, bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercises for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Nike Training Club Nike Training Club is a free app that helps users reach their fitness goals through workouts designed by top Nike Master Trainers. These workouts encompass everything, from bodyweight-only to full-equipment workouts, and address the requirements of people at all fitness levels. The app gives access to4-to-6-week training plans. It also offers the option of tailor-made plans as well as a library of 190 plus free workouts, ranging from strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility. These sessions range from 15-45 minutes. Women Workouts at Home by Leap Fitness Group This app is specially designed to cater to the health and fitness needs of women at home. It offers a wide range of bodyweight workouts for the entire body. These workouts are offered in the form of animation or videos, along with tips from coaches. It addresses the workout needs of beginners as well as pros. Further, it allows users to sync data with Google Fit. 5-minute Yoga The app is designed by SadhguruJaggiVasudevand is based on the science of Upa-Yoga, which is focused on physical and psychological benefits. All you have to do is take out five minutes every day to practice from a set of 7 five-minute Upa-Yoga exercises. The app contains videos, including demos and guided instruction videos that explain the science of performing the asanas correctly. Unlike other apps, this app lets you stream the videos offline too. My Fitness Pal The app enables you to track all your fitness needs with a host of tools. The most popular (and perhaps widely used feature) is its searchable food database of over 300,000,000 items. The app also gives you the option to add your own foods and recipes. It helps you track what you eat and even offers suggestions on what you should eat. Users can also get customized diet plans and physical activity plans to help them reach the set goals. Moreover, it has a collection of cardio and strength workouts and can be integrated with several apps and devices.

- Tang Magazine

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