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5 EdTech platforms focussing on feedback-based learning

Looking for the right EdTech platform for your kid? Check out these 5 EdTech platforms which focus on feedback-based learning

SpeEdLabs: A personalised learning platform for each student combines artificial intelligence with adaptive learning to make sure that the time between what you learn in class and your ability to recall it is balanced. This is done by paying more attention to each student's feedback than to how they all contribute to the class as a whole. putting a strong emphasis on deep conceptual understanding to facilitate real-world application, especially in the areas of science and mathematics.

Students from Class 7th to 12th have access to thousands of questions and practice papers, test series, etc., and all of their practice is tracked, mapped, and evaluated on this system. This system is applicable to students studying for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

The platform provides customised analytical insights on the student's areas of strength and need, and it also enables them to strengthen their fundamental concepts by providing learning opportunities, doubt-clearing sessions, and mentorship.

Aasoka: It is a comprehensive platform for a student's digital learning journey. The cloud-based platform digitises all school processes and enables an organisation to operate successfully online. The platform provides tools that cater to students' learning needs, enables teachers to provide the greatest online education for students using their potent tools, and makes sure that the administration can easily carry out all of their duties. Students are given a thorough analysis, which enables them to fill in the gaps in their weak areas.

Vedantu: With features like two-way audio, video, and whiteboarding tools, this educational app is an interactive practice platform that enables real-time communication between professors and students. In addition, they provide co-curricular courses, competitive tests, and online classrooms for students in grades 6 through 12. Both of these developments have a significant impact on the company's ability to improve student results.

Meritnation: An all-encompassing remedy for the students The programme smoothly integrates essential online and offline learning components, offering assistance with assignments, doubt-clearing sessions, video lessons, sample papers, mock tests, simple revision notes, and assistance with previous year's board exams. Rich multimedia materials, including 3D models, videos, and animated gifs, guarantee total mastery. Live chat with professors enables two-way conversation, which makes it easier to comprehend the feedback as a whole.

Unacademy: From a 2010-launched YouTube channel to a feature-rich instructional technology platform. They are aware that if the fundamentals are strong and continuous effort is made to improve, results will follow. The grade will handle itself. Every student needs feedback to assist them understand where they stand and where they want to be during the preparation process. Regular test series and quizzes can help with this.

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