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5 tips on how to sell pre-owned luxury items online

We always cherish an expensive purchase. What is it that makes them so worth it? Maybe it's the pure, extravagance of the thing. Maybe it's the information that even the most transient of such delights will endure in one's memory. The rise of pre-owned luxury items is increasing at a fast rate because the idea is based on sustainability, it acts as a means of alternative fashion consumption, leads to digitalisation and has an advantage of affordability.

Namisha Gupta, Founder Retag shares tips on how to sell pre-owned luxury items online:

. Selling items at the right price: Everyone loves a good deal especially when it comes to luxury items. In a world where there are plenty of places to shop from, a good price is what makes the items stand out from the rest and convince the consumers to buy them. It is said that the higher the price, the slower the sale cycle will be. Hence, one has to be clever when it comes to pricing their luxury items.

. Shipping and personalisation: When it comes to luxury items, packaging has to be intact which helps to support the validity of your product. It is also highly recommended to include a small thank you note for the customer. This really counts and ensures that the customer is touched enough to write a review for your product.

. Ensuring perfect pictures and videos of products: Pictures and videos are the first things an online shopper sees. For luxury products, perfect pictures ensure you have a competitive edge, boost your platform's image, help the customers understand better about your products and drive a significant number of sales. Nicely designed videos of the product also play the same role in gaining traction.

. Promoting your luxury items: You cannot sell your luxury items unless you promote them. Learning and using social media marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) tools, ad sales and many more tools are essential. These tools speed up the process of acquiring customers for your motives.

. How to sell: You can sell your pre-owned luxury items by creating your own website which should gradually be your main platform to acquire sales from.

Selling pre-owned luxury items is all about the experience. An online presence doesn't have to detract from the conventional luxury experience. It should mean to supplement it by giving a selection of channels for buyer inclinations and convey an extraordinary encounter that the customers decide to connect with.

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