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Akanksha Tiwari

Culinary Expert

F&B Consultant

One Point Management & Consulting

“I value the power of independence for women. To be able to have a choice to even work towards ambition and build a vision is a human’s right. Nature does not discriminate between men and women’s brains. It’s what we become in society. Who are we to do something unnatural? A woman is the first one to pin a father or a husband’s respect on and that same daughter is forgotten when there is property to claim because she is taught to give and let go.

Having begun my career with a production house at the young age of 20, I explored many verticals of the job, and every job role taught me a little something about myself. I believed in the process and the capability to explore my skills. I was managing, event planning, casting, managing celebrities and professionals, restaurants and stores. Consultancy services are my forte and recently I have recently started endorsing brands and with everything that I have learnt, I still am building my path.

When asked about being a woman in the field, I believe in hard work and dedication.

Sure, the world will not always receive your ambition and hopes the way you want it to, but here I cannot stress the point that our expectations are what fail us. Our expectations from others, from ourselves all begin with an external comparison that rarely works in anyone’s favour. Expectation translates to pressure and pressure is restrictive. Why should we complicate our lives with our limitations?

The Pandemic has made a homemaker, a teacher, an entrepreneur out of everyone. The disease did not discriminate against a particular gender. We were doing everything we could to survive and haven’t we all recognized our possibilities?

You absolutely cannot please everyone in your path. Choose yourself first and decide what makes you whole.”

I am proud to say that I am a headstrong, ambitious woman, I run on my fuel for success. Firstly, recognize yourself and pursue your passion with a fervour that can only build your path. Women, earn your diamond and fulfil your wishes, give the men a break too! Men, women, your happiness is within yourself. No one else knows you better than YOU.”

Akanksha Tiwari

Interviewed and transcribed by Maryam Syed

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