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Amrita Dutta

PR Professional and Home Chef

"Life is a roller-coaster, let’s enjoy the ride and make the best of it. Cheesy but true.

An inclination to the world of advertising & entertainment nudged me into a thrilling career in communications & PR. Turning 9 this year, my professional journey is filled with experiences, learnings and knowledge. I shall continue this roadway and hope to be part of many more domestic & global brand campaigns in the future with my new entrepreneurial venture.

While my professional life keeps me on my toes, I have always found time for my passion, “Cooking”. Food has been a big part of my immediate & extended family growing up. Born to an Assamese couple, (good)food has always been a part of every mood in life.

In 2018, when I moved to Bangalore from Mumbai, I was sure to do something more with life. Even though Bangalore has a couple of Assamese restaurants, I got time, space & a partner to try out the idea of hosting an Assamese Pop-Up Kitchen at home - an idea which stayed nestled in mind and finally took off when my husband decided to take over hosting people and I took over the kitchen. Since then, we’ve managed to take out time to host “Bhaat Ekhaaj” pop-ups in a month and we love sharing our food & culture with our friends & family. This is a means for us to do what we love and meet people, new and old, and bond over our passion for food!

At the end, I believe there is time for everything, but one shouldn’t push oneself too hard to fulfil every move in one go. Women especially who juggle jobs and chores all the time - for some its obligatory and for some its inherent need to take some time off for themselves, their passions and dreams.

To all my girlfriends out there, dream and hustle. Life’s not a prospect it’s about perspective, be who you are and never give up. Shine on Ladies!"

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