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Being a mompreneur, it all starts with the desire for superpowers - Jennifer Mulchandani

That desire to be more, do more, and conquer the world. But you're not alone. You're no longer as carefree, and your responsibilities have shifted from deciding what to cook for dinner to deciding how to raise your mini-me. That is significant! But wait, there's more to a mompreneur's illustrious life. She's got a little work child on the way. One to which she devotes her entire attention in the hope that one day she will rule the world.

As you can imagine, mompreneurs do not have it easy. For one thing, being a mom is a full-time job, and now that you've got hopes, ambitions, a career, and so on, the days don't seem to end. And nights seem to vanish before they even begin.

But here we are, attempting to discuss the life of a mompreneur and all that it entails in less than 500 words. So, shall we get started?

Let's begin with the bad.

That unbalanced, nightmare-inducing Guilt. The thought of not missing one more meal with your child (even if you're in the next room) or wishing you had more time to prepare for that pitch you didn't get. Guilt has a way of dragging you down. I recall returning to work when my daughter was only four-months-old. I truly believed I could do it all, and thankfully, I had a wonderfully supportive family who pushed me through it all. But the guilt of missing my daughter's afternoon naps or changing that wet diaper drove me insane; add to that the fact that I felt worthless every time I had to leave a client meeting early because I was sick. I had to leave early from a client meeting because I could hear my daughter cry (#work-from-homepleasures) You try your hardest to divide your time between your child, your family and your work. But, where does that leave you?

Here comes the bad.... (*drumroll please)--the burnout. It's real, it doesn't go away, and it comes back to haunt you when you least expect it. Some days, you'll be able to change that glorious poop-filled diaper while brainstorming with the team, or cook that delicious dinner for the family after dealing with a level 10 toddler tantrum. And then it could be nothing -- something as mundane as planning your precious little cutie's lunch menu -- and you just want to run away from everything.

Of course, we all have those days -- and the earlier non-moms probably had the option of just running away for the weekend or spending some quality me-time. When you're a mompreneur, however, that option isn't always on the table waiting to be picked up. There is planning and organising, as well as constant checks to ensure that everyone and everything is in order.

(Jennifer Mulchandani, The Ultimate Storyteller)


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