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Benefits of Viparita Karni - Legs Up on the Wall Pose

The 'legs up the wall' pose is called Viparita Karni in Yoga terminology and is one of the several restorative postures you can do every day for relaxation and for a plethora of health benefits. Putting your legs up against the wall is one of the easiest poses to practice sans any specific guidance or expert supervision. Its passive nature does not necessitate any particular degree of flexibility or strength. Just kick off your footwear, set aside 15 - 20 minutes a day to rest your feet perpendicularly on the wall and notice the holistic feeling of being rejuvenated through this diurnal discipline.

To begin, choose a cosy corner of your living or working space and lie down on an exercise mat, an old blanket or even a thin mattress to adequately support your back. Alternatively, you could just lie on the bed and rest your feet up against the headboard of the bed. Get into a semi-supine posture, keep your hips as close to the wall as possible and then walk your feet up the wall to achieve an L- shape . Try to make yourself as comfortable as you can by keeping both arms spread out on the sides or rest them on your stomach. You can place a cushion under the lower back to elevate the hips. Focus on breathing through the nose and ensure long, deep inhalation and gentle exhalation. You will certainly experience a sense of peacefulness as your body and mind synchronise and a relaxing warmth envelops you.

The optimal advantages of practising this Viprita Karni pose will surely propel you to incorporate this in your daily routine.


As you stay with your legs lifted up the heart pumps blood faster to the legs owing to gravitational force. It accelerates blood circulation throughout your body and facilitates draining any excess fluids accumulated in the legs.


When you raise your legs up in the air, you are exercising the muscles responsible for digestion which helps you get a flatter stomach and better digestion.


Elevated legs help you relax and aid in greater absorption of air which allows more air to reach the organic tissue , thereby reducing tension in the muscles.

It's an effective treatment for releasing pressure from the spine in a supine position and relieving lower back pain. This also stretches the complete back muscles, the hamstring and the pelvic muscles.


Relaxation achieved through this pose causes a general slowdown of the body lowering the heart rate and battling against anxiety, depression and stress-induced insomnia. The resultant effect is the restoration of a healthy sleep pattern.


Footwear like stilettos and high-heeled pumps are undoubtedly hip in style and high in fashion but lead to terrible foot pain as the weight of your body is not evenly distributed on these unevenly balanced shoe styles. Raising your feet counteracts this imbalance and provides tremendous relief to your aching feet.

Cramped feet due to intense physical activity, extended durations of sitting or standing and long hours of air travel can be relieved by this foot inversion as it eases pain in the lower extremities.

All in all, Viprita Karni or Legs Up the Wall pose has innumerable advantages for every one of us and is significantly seen as a natural cure for people suffering from excruciating physical ailments such as

• Fibromyalgia

• Varicose veins and venous disease

• Cancer

• Menopause

• Restless Leg Syndrome

• Metabolic Syndrome

So do try to fit this simple and effective posture in your daily regimen and enjoy the many health benefits that this practice will surely bring into your life.


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