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Colour Therapy: Improving Mood And Lifestyle

In terms of colour therapy and how each colour has a significant meaning, there has been a standardisation of colours. It can have its own impact and associative memories in the new-age approach, and they can either elevate your mood or simply become a trigger.

Colour therapy has been used for health and wellness since ancient Egyptian times. Furthermore, light can be processed and perceived as colours by the eyes and brain. Nakshi Satra, Founder, In:ha Wellness explains further how colour therapy act as a mood booster and how colour therapy could help improve overall health.

How does colour therapy act as a mood booster?

Nakshi: Based on my experiences with over 3000+ clients, the human eyes and brain trigger memories, perceptions, and emotions about experiences of memories for each individual differently. As these triggers travel backwards in our minds, they cross the critical filter into our subconscious mind where the deepest of memories are all stored.

This defines our perception towards colours which can be subjective and personal. Some colours have an associative memory of safety and precaution; some might have a bitter memory associated with them. Below are a few examples to understand this well.

. A lot of clients prefer black and white tones and associate these colours with their personality. Black and white can exude feelings of power, freedom, safety and protection etc.

. Colours like red make strong statements and stand out, while blue has a calming and soothing effect and can help to increase focus.

. Green and pastel shades are often associated with nature, flora & fauna.

. Teals, greys, oranges, whites and other English pastel colours are recent trends because they break the monotony of conservative environments and regular way of life. They are appreciated because of the newness and urban freshness that they bring into our lives.

Colours also have negative associations and very subconsciously we decide to block these colours from being in our homes or wardrobes. To get rid of such negative triggers, an emotional cleanse or release as a combination can help to disassociate from such memories and emotions, and this could eventually help to open up one's colour palettes.

How does colour therapy improve overall health?

Nakshi: Colours have a deep effect on our lives and including the right ones in our diet, homes, and wardrobes can really help to positively impact our overall health. We must constantly work on incorporating colour palettes that are associated with positive feelings into our food, homes and wardrobes.

The healing quality of colours through rainbow eating also has an impact on overall health. Also, I strongly advise including colours that are based on the elements of nature i.e. earth, water, fire, air, space for your surroundings.

Colour therapy infused with mindful eating, living and clothing contributes to overall health improvements as it changes energies and vibrations for the same. The more you open up your colour palette, the more you can do with your life while progressing in your overall moods and health. The freedom to express yourself through colours creates opportunities for better health, better relationships, a stable mind and a better version of yourself.

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